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Order Cancelled by the worst buyer I met!


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I just meet a liar in Fiverr. I did the translation job for his website: Fragglesrock. And after I almost finish the job on the site he provided me to do the translate, he canceled the order.

I’m so upset now. This is the first time I meet this kind of buyer. I really hope fiverr can do something to protect the sellers rights.

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Hi, sorry this has happened to you, but since this person decided to cancel the order before you delivered it, I’m afraid you can’t do much here. It sure does s*ck when things like this happens, but unfortunately it does every now and then. 😦 If you have actually sent him the translations and then the buyer canceled it after that, it’s a different story.

If you see your translation being used for the website, you can try having it removed. (Not sure what steps you need to take, though)

Did the person tell you why he/she had to cancel the order?

Also, this is my personal opinion, even though it is minor, you have some grammar errors here and there in your description, maybe the buyer realized that and got worried and then decided to cancel?

You can at least try asking him/her why.

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