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withdraw issue and ticket response is still pending from fiverr

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from last 5 days, i am trying to withdraw and this is first time,

when i try to add payment method system show a message that a link has been sent to your email address.

but i do not found any email from last 5 days.

then i wrote a ticket to fiverr (attached screenshot) but still no response.

what should i do

fiverr ticket.png

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Thank you fahad,

i have created ticket with them, but problem is still as it was in start.

lastly they claimed i have change my phone number, but i didt not change my phone number ever.

any how i have waited for 24 hours, today i again ran the process but unable to add payment method.

i dont know what should i can do, please guide me further







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There was never a notice by fiverr for whole life of account. 

i was trying to withdraw my balance from account, it was continuously failed from last 7 days. i was on ticket with fiverr. 

yesterday fiverr help said me to add payment method on 26-03-24 so started today. 

but again no sucess. i wrote it back that your system is not send me email to continue to add payment method.

after an hour they wrote me back that your account is permanently disabled due to community standards.

what i can do, though i have written them back.

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