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How to get rid from auto order and auto cancelceation


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Hi to all, I am a level 2 seller since 2018, but recently i have been facing a new problem on Fiverr, some client order my gig automatically and they don't submit any requirements when i send reminders for requirements they cancel the order through Fiverr support, but very interesting thing is that all account created on SEP 2023. if i message them in inbox they don't reply too. can i get any good suggestions how to get rid from this cancelation, the cancelation dont impact on my profile but when i check the status of my gig from Gig option there i see a % of cancelation. 

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Hey there @amazon_24 , sorry to hear about your experience. Dealing with automatic orders and cancellations can be frustrating. If you're not a Seller Plus Premium member, there are still some friendly practices that I personally use and you can implement to minimize these occurrences:

  1. Clearly outline your gig requirements: Make sure your gig description is detailed and outlines all the necessary requirements. This can help potential buyers understand what's expected before placing an order.
  2. Use the FAQ section: Utilize the FAQ section in your gig to address common questions and concerns. By providing clear answers upfront, you can help filter out buyers who may not be the right fit for your services.
    example: (IMPORTANT: Please don't order if you didn't texted me yet. Go to my profile and click on "Contact me" to start conversation with me.)

I hope these tips help! Hang in there, and I'm sure things will improve. Best of luck! 

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