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How I Rank My Gig and Gain Order?


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2 minutes ago, ratul705 said:

can there be any problem?

Yes, if Fiverr thinks that both accounts belong to the same person.

Contact Customer Support and tell them of the situation, follow their instructions, and wait for their permission for your wife to open her account.

Generally speaking, they will allow you and your wife to have separate accounts, as long as the info (email addresses, phone numbers, withdrawal providers) is different, as long as you don't interact with each other on Fiverr, and as long as you offer different services.

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23 minutes ago, ratul705 said:

Is there any category of Fiverr for selling email account and selling LinkedIn account?

Think about it for a second. Would Fiverr allow something that (could be) borderline illegal OR even just break other sites' rules?


The answer is no.

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Freelancing is not very different from any other business. Any business has a sales department that actively sells its products or services.

If you're not getting any orders, you need to actively sell, see what your competition is doing, and learn from them to see where the gaps are.

There are so many great resources on this forum written by seasoned vets. Read what they are saying, and put their advice into practice. 

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This is because Fiverr gives sellers with a better performance a higher position in the search results.

On 12/31/2023 at 1:08 PM, ratul705 said:

after doing regular work

16 reviews in 12 months. That is not "regular" enough for Fiverr. 

Fiverr does not earn enough from your $5 and $10 gig. 

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