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  1. See if your gigs need some additions then share the gigs on various social media and rest assured something good will happen.
  2. Maybe you have some problem with your settings that you don't want to set the price for.
  3. Yes you can but my suggestion is that you can also edit the gig and add whatever you need.
  4. Can optimize your gig and share your gig on different social media.
  5. In this case you can review the description and price of your gig. That means you can optimize your gig
  6. You should review your gig description and rate to improve your clicks That means you should edit and optimize your gigs.
  7. In this case, look at the beauty of your gig, where should your gig be, the catch that looks good, then improve your services description, I hope you understand.
  8. Be patient, don't get frustrated but share the gig on various social media and do a little more research on the gig description headlines.
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