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Come back fiverr after a long time.


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39 minutes ago, moumita2002 said:

As i am a member of Fiverr, i want to know  when an account become disable. what are terms and condition of Fiverr?

They are the same as when you joined and clicked the button saying that you had read and understood the terms and conditions. Remember? 

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37 minutes ago, moumita2002 said:

 I want to know why a gig need to modify.

If you aren't getting orders, it's a good idea to make changes to your gig. This is because Fiverr will show your gig in search, but it's your responsibility to convert those impressions to orders.

Making changes to your gig can make you more relevant in search when buyers search for your services (think title, tags, and gig descriptions). These can increase your impressions (but isn't the only thing that affects your impressions - your performance as a seller also affects the number of impressions that you get).

If you change your gig image and add a good gig video, you can increase user engagement with your gig, which can encourage a buyer to click on your gig to learn more.

If you upgrade your bio, gig gallery, gig descriptions, packages, and FAQs, you can show your buyer that you are serious about your business and your services. Often the quality of the gig reflects the quality of the seller. Your portfolio is also a great way to show credibility to your buyers. If the buyers trust you and decide that you can deliver what they are looking for, they will place an order with you.

It's important to check your performance at least monthly (i.e., impressions, clicks, and orders) to see if you need to make any adjustments to your gigs. In addition to getting orders, you may also need to adjust your pricing, number of revisions, FAQs, and gig packages to control order flow, improve buyer experiences, and enhance your own workload/workflow. I always take a deep look into my gigs' structure if I find myself feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

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