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I hope this is the correct way to ask for some advice.

Since 2023 I am selling a voice over gig and I just do it as a sidethingy while I am attending university.

The orders I get are very minimal, but I always received positive reviews; and I have a ton of fun working on this sidehussle.

I'd like to "grow" my orders to at least one or two per week - but I am very unsure on how to advertise my voice over gig. For 3D artists you could go into artwork groups on facebook or whatever, but I cant seem to find "serious" voice over groups like that - or groups in which people search for voice artists.

Where could I go / what could I do to reach more people with my gig? Offer more gigs with more specialisations like voice over, voice acting etc? Creating a website with work examples?

Thanks and have a wonderful day everyone!

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