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How can I get order on Fiverr


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So you just want other people to do the work and you profit from their time? How does that work?

If you want to reach success, perform your due diligence and harness your skills. If you just know software development for example, don't expect to be a perfect graphic designer or writer. Focus on what skills you have and improve them because competition is fierce. And I am telling this as a person that has been on Fiverr for most of its existence. 

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@junaidfaheem007 staying online doesn't rank anything. That's obvious nonsense. I'm more perplexed by something else. I see you have a gig for rewriting website content. It says the gig is 100% pilgrim free. Are these pilgrims from the Mayflower or other types of pilgrims who have sneaked their way into the content? 

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