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Hello fiverr community! Please does anyone know what the problem might be? I've created my gigs for the past 2 weeks and I'm always online everyday! Impressions have even gone beyond 300 yet I still don't get any order

I stay online all day, leave my phone on fiverr all night but it seems like an order is a dream, and people around me are getting orders

Please what do I do? 

Just tired of everything

And is it okay if I contact support about this? 

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Do not contact support about this. They are not responsible for the success of your business.

What have you done to grow your business? Staying online all day and night does nothing. What actual steps have you taken?


Actually, I just looked at one of your gigs and see you plagiarized from another seller. Thieves do not deserve to succeed.

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Before now I've not been receiving orders and I've shared my gigs across social media groups, stayed online as much as I could and my impressions aren't so bad... After this evaluation, is there hopefully a brighter side of all these?

---Only positive contributions are appreciated---

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