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  1. Impressions on Fiverr refer to the number of times your gig thumbnail has been viewed by users in search results, category pages, or through Fiverr's promotional features. Clicks, on the other hand, represent the number of times users have clicked on your gig thumbnail to view your gig details page. Both impressions and clicks are important metrics to monitor as they indicate the visibility and engagement of your gig with potential buyers.
  2. Same here, my gigs were on the first page and after new level system not getting even impressions, gigs are nowhere
  3. Great, have you got TOP rated badge or not yet?
  4. Oh ok got it, that's sound good
  5. that's avg success score tbh i am also not sure how they actually calculate it.. 😞
  6. same here Fatima mine is also 4 now and i have 845 reviews (all 5 stars) except 2-4 reviews... worst update from Fiverr till now ....agree?
  7. No... The whole game is shifted to success score now, gig placement, ranking & deranking etc... My gigs were at the first page and after new leve system they are no where so i contact CS and they said your success score affecting your gig placement so improve that... The other things order completion, response rate and delivery is 100%.
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