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  1. I was expecting gig promotion as well… haha But I can’t see that anywhere… can somebody guide me about what exactly gig promotion is? and how to get that? Thanks 🙂
  2. Multiple buyers have sent me their email and asked me to email them the files… I know we can’t go outside Fiverr… the same case happened today… I simply typed out that “No please, all the work should be done here, I can’t go outside Fiverr… Sorry” please let me know if this can be an issue for my account? Need guidance, thanks in advance!
  3. Can anyone guide me about the question that “Can I deliver the order just after 2 minutes of order placement because sometimes work is done in the inbox” Hope I am clear!!! thanks in advacne!
  4. Please guide me can I share editable canva design link in the order delivery… because I designed an ebook in canva and want to deliver editable canva link to buyer… I am afraid of getting my account banned… please guide me if you know thanks 🙂
  5. Hi everyone, just wanted to know that can I write “Don’t forget to share your experience about my service.” in my order delivery. Is there still will be a chance to get my account banned or it’s safe to write so because I didn’t mention 5 stars or positive feedback. Please guide me asap… Thanks in advacne.
  6. Hi everyone, I know tha you are not allowed to ask for 5 star rating and positive feedback. But, what if buyer tell you that “I have left you 5 star rating” in chatbox. Because I just write in my deliver that " Please don’t forget to share your experience about my service"… Now, should I say that or not? Can I get my account banned. Please guide if Someone understood the query. Shall be thankful 😊 Looking forward to hearing from all of you… Thanks
  7. Buyer unintentionally left 4.3 stars review and said it’s my fault and I didn’t it intensively. He wants to change his review… Can anyone please tell is this possible? If Yes, How? Looking forward to have your help. Thanks!
  8. Hi fiverrers, I hope you all are doing well. As we all know that there are 10 active gigs allowed to a LEVEL ONE SELLER. And I am also a level one seller but I have made more than 10 gigs, I mean 12 gigs. Whenever I click on “Create new gig”, it allows me to create a new one even after 12 active gigs. I wanna ask that should I delete 2 gigs or is it ok? Any disadvantage or consequence? Please guide me about this issue. Shall be grateful to you. 😚
  9. @bmsurujuddin @zerlina84 Thanks for your quick reply… Why fiverr support buyers so much even in wrong matters sometimes? Its really not fair. 😭
  10. Hi fiverrers, I have completed an order with 5-star. Buyer was very happy and he left kind words and mark my order as complete. Now, the issue is that he wants to cancel that order. Is it really possible? Please guide me what should I do? Because If this order got canceled, I’ll not be a level one on coming evaluation and I am much worried about it? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I have just completed and order with 5-star review and everything is ok… But the issue is that returning buyer ( green color symbol you know) is not showing on buyer profile picture unlike other buyers. please help me what is this issue? Thanks
  12. Yes, I tried. I am level one seller as well. But just looking for someone professional
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