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3 minutes ago, mdmirajhosai91 said:

Gig impression decrease day day. Whats the reason or What I can do?

Gig impressions are related to your relevancy in search. If your impressions are decreasing, Fiverr's algorithm sees your gig as less relevant in search than other sellers. Your relevancy is based on your title, tags, gig descriptions, and seller performance. Make sure your gigs accurately reflect the services that you are offering and focus on improving your seller quality. This is more than just your seller statistics - if other sellers are delivering faster, responding quicker, handling more orders, and keeping their customers happier, they will be shown higher up in search.

Just now, sharp_art said:

Use a stunning title.

It doesn't have to be stunning, just relevant.

Just now, sharp_art said:

 SEO your Gig,

Per @frank_d:


If you still think about SEO, and keywords, and ranking, you already lost the game.

Find out how you can be more relevant, so that you can increase your impressions and get seen by buyers:




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5 hours ago, habibur_pro24 said:

Gig seo, attractive thamble,  active fiverr and add gig video 

You have not done these things for your own gigs ever (I guess) because if you've then you'd be getting good impressions plus orders too. 

Your last delivery was 6 months ago and have 9 reviews so it would be better to not advise these to others unless you have experienced/done them for your own gigs! 🤦‍♀️

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One way to get more impressions is to use keywords in your title and tags that people are searching for. When potential buyers search for gigs, Fiverr displays a list of results based on relevancy. By using relevant keywords, you can help ensure that your gig appears near the top of the list and gets more views

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