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Try to use the bad time tactfully


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A winter afternoon in Bangladesh. Winter vacation was running. All ages people enjoy the winter afternoon and like to take some hot street food. There was a famous park called Victoria Park. A lot of people came here everyday to  enjoy the winter afternoon and take some snacks. 

One afternoon, there were 3 street food seller selling their items. But suddenly there were starting heavy raining and all the persons getting drenched. One street food seller contained an umbrella but it was not enough but other 2 sellers didn't have anything to protect themselves and their food. One seller suddenly gather some poly and very quickly he made a tent over his small food court and as a result many drenched people came under his tent and start buying more food. Whereas the other seller who just stand and see what's happening. And the seller who had an umbrella, can protect himself only from the rain but not gather any customer at the time of raining. 

In this short story, we can clearly understand about the seller who had nothing to save him at the time of raining, he tried to do something better instead of stand like others and as a result he could use the bad time by best way.. 

The story is for the Fiverr seller who are passing a bad time such as your GIG is not in rank or you couldn't get expected customers. You can develop your skill at the free time and after that you will see the magic. 

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Great story, @sayed_hossain! I like how the seller in the story was proactive, solutions-minded, and customer-focused.

Here are some key takeaways that I got from the story - 

It's so important for sellers to take action instead of just watching their gig go downhill (like the seller who took no action).

Sometimes the "me" mentality can hurt our business (like the seller with the umbrella).

And creating solutions that enhance the customer experience key to running a thriving business (like the seller with the tarp).

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