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  1. We are already more than happy with everything we have achieved on Fiverr but of course hoping to get even better at what we do is an evergreen wish, and... Of course, being able to host some live Fiverr community events here in Italy would be a dream that comes true 🤩
  2. I agree with all of you but I also believe that this update could be a significant breakthrough for individuals like me (and you) who have consistently used Fiverr without taking a break since starting (I did take a 5-day break once, but immediately regretted it). However, there's a noticeable inconsistency in Fiverr's history when it comes to their representation of stats and metrics versus their actual application. Additionally, using phrases like "your visibility will not necessarily be negatively impacted" in the description of this new feature inevitably raises concerns for sellers, and their red flags/alarms collectively light up like it's the Fourth of July. That said, I'm not implying that the new feature is inadequate, detrimental, or deceptive. I'd genuinely like to celebrate this feature and take a long-overdue break from the (years-long) constant notifications and urgency. But having been misled before, I'm sure I won't use the unavailability feature. What I'm suggesting is perhaps before Fiverr introduces ambitious features, AI tools, or revamps the marketplace with additional marketplaces for Pro/business/extraterrestrial beings, they should prioritize strengthening and "healing" the trust relationship with their sellers. While I can't confirm if this approach would boost their revenue, I'm confident that in the long run, it would cultivate a healthier and, consequently, more appealing platform for all users.
  3. Sorry for digging up this so late but my notifications sometime go MIA 😅 That said, taking into account this particular situation I was answering to, if a customer asks for revision and then goes radio silent for a while (even weeks or months), I am sure that delivering the same material would not get you a warning. Of course this is not an all-round solution and it might not be a good idea to do it over and over again because if the customer keeps asking for revisions it probably means he actually needs them. Oftentimes just asking CS is the passepartout for every tricky situation, especially when they get weirder than an X-Files episode.
  4. Delivering what you were asekd to deliver would get you a warning? What?
  5. You can deny the buyer revisions but they will still be able to ask for them. The only correct thing you should do when someone is abusing the revision request (by clicking the button without asking any modification) is to re-deliver the same thing you have previously delivered and explain them what is the purpose of the revisions, maybe by also linking some TOS page.
  6. You know, I might be a tad partial here, but hey, Italian at least had the decency to follow rules while assigning gender to things, even if they got their own set of exceptions 😏 Ever dabbled in German? The gender assignment in German is like stepping into a whole new realm of chaos and confusion!
  7. I re-quote my message, it is quite clear what is the next step you should take given you have impressions but no clicks:
  8. Well there are so many Elvish languages, you need to tell me at least if it is from the Middle Earth of from somewhere else 😌
  9. As a passionate linguist and dialects supporter I believe that still knowing your local dialects, even if they have kind of a social stigma, is a praiseworthy skill. They might have no practical use but every language, be it spoken by 5 people on the whole Earth or by billions of people, brings with it a cultural and historical heritage that is deeply intertwined with the language itself. So, by speaking Chiac and Newfoundland English you are making yourself a guardian of a cultural baggage that otherwise would go missing in some decades. Here in Italy, dialects are frowned upon as the language of not scholarized and illiterate people, as the "real" Italian language went "mainstream" during the last century. In 1861, 80% of Italians were in fact illiterate and each region/area spoke a different language (lacking of course an officially written counterpart). Nowadays of course we all speak Italian and dialects are slowly fading away, but with them also folklore and many old traditions, myths, recipes, games and other things that belonged to the "ancient" Italian culture are beign forgotten and lost, if not preserved. So, once again, it is great to hear you know and use you local dialects ☺️ I remember reading a comparative study about how different countries have a different apporach of teaching their language in primary and secondary schools, and how some focused more on a side of the language (as grammar or syntax), while other completely overlooked them. In the end it also compared how these approaches affected the language spoken by native speakers compared to the version of second-language-learner. Unfortunately I cannot recall where I had read it but as soon as I do I will link it here! 😁
  10. Thinking about how I also started learning English as a kid online is somehow romantic, and I believe that is the starting point of almost anyone who was born in a non-English speaking country. Woah, I would have never thought someone would bring up Winx Club here, that is something that belongs to the past of almost any Italian girl I know! I was born in 1995 and every girl of my generation watched that cartoon during their childhood. I did not know it was so famous abroad as well 😮 I am also sure you will probably manage to get also to C level, as an Italian speaker trying to learn Spanish, I can see the many similarities and the alikeness our languages have, in fact up to now Spanish is the language I find personally the most fun and easy to learn. Also, if I can recommend you a new way of exercise your language for free, I suggest you to take a look at https://www.conversationexchange.com/. Here you can register and set the languages you know and the languages you want to learn. The website will match you with someone who is learning your native language and that speaks natively the language you want to learn, so you can chat there and help each other out. I have had a great time both learning on webistes like Conversation Exchange and live (aborad and at university), because the greatest part of learning a new language is also getting to know the people that speak it. It can open you whole new worlds! 😁 And P.S. Complimenti per il tuo italiano. Si vede che lo hai studiato bene, continua così!
  11. During my university year I had the chance to study on many manuscripts of old germanic languages, but I remember Welsh beign one of the most difficult to grasp to congratz you you that still try and manage to study and know some of it. Also, switching from a Germanic area to a Semitic one is another praiseworthy task so you truly are a linguistic marvel! 😃
  12. The recommended size for gig gallery pictures is 1280 x 769 pixels, but you can upload pictures up to 4000 x 2416 pixels. If you exceed the 1280 x 769 pixels you should always check that the picture is correctly viewed both in the search results thumbnail version and in the actual gallery when you open the gig, and that is also does not takes too much time to load when you open the gallery. Hope this helped.
  13. It really does not feel legal. I am not law nerd but I suggest you to tell the buyer you cannot provide such service. A kind of workaround I am thinking about (NOT a suggestion or incouragement to do so) is making your customer sign a sheet where he states he will not use the content outside of private use, but I am afraid the fact that you are being paid to create this copyrighted material is itself a law infringement you cannot avoid.
  14. Ranking is completely driven by an algorithm that we do not know. It is so "obscure" that it could be as it was randomly moving gigs up and down. Of course we do know that it does not operate randomly, but some common sense and some recognized patterns could point you towards the direction to enhance your ranking. But worrying abour your ranking is useless. Every minute you spend playing "spot your gig in the serach results", is a minute you are wasting, time that you could invest in looking throughout the forum for tips and guides on how to enhance your gig picture, description, metadata etc. Time you could invest in finding ways to enhance your services and the output of your work so your buyers will be more satisfied and, eventually, your ranking will enhance as well!
  15. I suggest NOT to delete and recreate gigs. If you created the gig for a service, keep that one, and keep it safe, because it has already "spent" time on the platform and has some kind of "veteranity" compared to brand new ones. If you do not rank on the device you use, don't worry, you will probably rank on someone else's device. Gigs rotate. Their order change. If you enhance your performance you will enhance your ranking as well. Be patient. Also, when editing pay attention to your picture, description, metadata etc. and follow the tips and guides of more experienced sellers on the forum.
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