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  1. I also want to know about promoted gig
  2. Hi I am a new seller. I try to keep myself 24 hours in online, but when I scroll myself I couldn't find me in online sellers. Also install mobile app to update my online status. Please experts give me advice what is the problem?
  3. Hi, I am a new seller, started to work here from April,2021. Yesterday I was published a new gig. I want to know from when I started to market my gig in media and which media is effective for gig marketing. I have no clear idea about gig marketing. Please experts help me. Here is my profile link please check it out: https://www.fiverr.com/israt_ayesha?up_rollout=true Best Regards israt_Ayesha
  4. Great advice I like it personally I don't do this but most of the gigs represent like this way
  5. First of all I want to give you a cordial thanks to share such a nice article. I go through your whole article. You are perfectly said, as a new seller we are trying to be always in the first line not in improving our skills. And your last line is so impressive. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks for your valuable advices.I will try to implent these steps in my gig.Hope it will be work.
  7. Hi I am a new seller.I open a new gig few days ago but have no impressions,clicks and order. What is the problem I didn’t get. Please help to recover the gig.
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