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How can I promote my gig?



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Hi @ateeq_666, Welcome to the forum!

There must be some impressions and clicks since you did have an order several weeks ago and you have 3 orders in queue.

If you saw a sudden drop in impressions in clicks, that's usually due to a negative private review from a buyer. This is different from a public review that's posted on your profile. Just so you know, each buyer will get 3 reviews for each order, and it's the private reviews (the ones you don't see) that has the greatest impact on how your gig performs in search.


There's no such thing as gig ranking - Fiverr operates as a match making service. So the results you see in search will be different from what a buyer sees in search. Your gig will show up based on how relevant you are:

If you have low impressions, it means that your gig is less relevant based on your performance, ratings (both private and public reviews), and services listed in the gigs.

If you have low clicks, that means your gig is not appealing to the buyers who do see your gig in search.

If you have low orders, that means buyers are not convinced in ordering from your when they do click on your gig.

You can read more about this here:


The forum is a great way to learn about how to grow your business. This article is a great place to get started:


I wish you best of luck!

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Hi @ateeq_666, it might be coincidental that you raised your prices at the same time you might have gotten a negative private review. I think your prices are reasonable and in line with what Fiverr is recommending for Wordpress web updates. 

If your gig impressions were  low to a negative private review, that negative review stays on your account for 2 months, which may be why you are starting to get orders again. Focus on delivering good work and keeping your customers happy. This should help your gig perform better in search.

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