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How to be successful on Fiverr, common questions answered and a collection of great posts that helped me achieve TRS.

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I don't really understand how to thank you. As a new seller on Fiverr, I get a lot of clear cut instructions and guideline from this post. Again thanks a lot. Keep posting like this as we, the new seller can get help from your post.

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12 hours ago, vickieito said:

HI @lortui! Just to add on to what @williambryan392 said:

1. I think you have a good name and a good profile. I don't know why you would want to close your profile and start from scratch again. Many sellers start as a one-man show and expand their team when they scale up.

2. When you do scale up, it is important to mention that you are operating as a team (not just yourself). Buyers like to have transparency. But you can do this in the gig description, you don't have to change your name. I also want to scale up as a team, and will do it under my current username (which is my personal name).

3. I agree with @williambryan392, there's no reason why you can't be successful with your current username. I actually like the name that you have. It's short, unique, and easy to remember.





Yea agree, it took me a long time and a lot of work to get those 5 star reviews lol

starting again from scratch with my company name it would be too much work to get the reviews again

I've read a guide from a top seller on Fiverr and he said that once he started he had his first name here, then he realized he made a mistake and so he closed the account and opened a new one with his company name.. he still became successful and a top seller

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Wow, thank you for this post. There is a lot of information here. I am literally going to bookmark it and each day try to master one of the points (starting with familiarizing myself with the TOS which I definitely skipped when setting up my seller account). I really like the encouragement you bring to the table about working hard will pay off. I came on to fiverr as a buyer years ago and just now have transitioned to seller. I'm determined to make this work as my family is counting on it. Time will tell as you said and I do believe as I put in more time to become familiar with selling on Fiverr, I will only be able to grow. 


Thanks again! This is bookmarked for my daily read 🙂 

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All tips are amazing, but he best part I learnt as a new seller is that instead of creating a new thread for my query, I should first search the forum as chances are it's already answered in some other thread.

Few topics I am yet to experience, but giving time to this thread is indeed a learning experience. Thank you very much.

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Hi, medalist here 🏅 (it was a long read, but it was totally worht it!)

Thanks for sharing this information and the links as well, even though I've been selling for over 5 years here there were a couple of thing I haven't been considering, but I think it will help a lot to implement as much as possible to my business asap!

I've been checking the buyer requests lately and while only a couple have turned into an order I think it's important to check and write every now and then, you may ignore some with low budgets and you may be ignored by some buyers but still, every now and then it works out for everyone!

Since I haven't bought that much on the website (only sell mostly) I didn't know much about the private ratings but you're right, sometimes clients may give you 5 stars but then put some actual complains you'll never know about, so it's best to always give the best customer service possible.

Fianlly, I've been obsessed with being TRS for a long time, but I've come to accept that it may not happen but also I might not need it, with or without it, it's more about improving all the time!

Thanks again for all the tips and sorry for the long reply


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On 5/29/2022 at 4:05 AM, williambryan392 said:

Now it's on you to make the changes you need to be successful. GO DO IT!!!


Hi William, thank you so much for posting this. I have had two jobs and doing this part time. It has been very rough, but a couple months ago I reached Level 2 as a seller. I am going to let one of my jobs go and concentrate more on this. Hopefully, I can say good bye to my other full time job and get this seller level up to another level or at least get more sales. 

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On 5/29/2022 at 2:05 PM, williambryan392 said:

9. What are the Seller levels and when will I get TRS?

  • Seller levels are explained at the link below.
  • TRS is NOT guaranteed. Level 2 Sellers that have met the requirements are handpicked by Fiverr’s editorial team.
  • You can lose your TRS Seller level if your performance / Buyer satisfaction score drops.
  • Even if your reviews are perfect, maybe your private reviews aren’t, maybe your profile/gigs aren’t looking premium enough, maybe there are already enough TRS in your category.
  • Some Sellers wait years to get promoted, and some never get it.
  • You can be hugely successful without being TRS. I know of a seller that did over $300K last year and they are Level 2.
  • More info here:

Well said. You can be successful without being TRS. BTW this is a well-organised post with helpful info.

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