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At least once a day

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Me: "This is what I charge for that work."

Buyer: "I'm poor. Can you give me a $50 discount on that price, and do 10 times more work?"

Me: "No, I cannot."

Buyer: "What if I promise to give you (something I cannot possibly, or realistically, promise)? Will that get me a massive discount and 10x more work?"

Me: "Unfortunately, no, it will not. I cannot give my services away for that low of a price."

Buyer: "What if I tell everyone I know to hire you, and make you rich?"

Me: "No thank you."

Buyer: "What if promise to hire you again, and again, and again (but really won't, 'cause I'm poor)?"

Me: "If you're willing to hire me at a fair price, I'm willing to do what I can to help you."

Buyer: "Your services are just too expensive for me. What if I promise to give you a good review when we're done?"

Me: "Still no."

Buyer: "Well that's not fair. You're a real bleepity-bleep. Have a good life."

Me: "You too. Bye now."


Bad buyers do exist. Sadly, many of them really do act like the above illustration. They're not here for business, they're here for freebies.... and many newbie sellers, desperate for orders from anyone willing to give them money,  eagerly oblige them, which keeps the bad buyers coming back for more. 🙄

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ahh yes.  Every. Single. Day..

not a buyer: whats the price.

me. its on the gig you just listed above.

 not a buyer:  its too expensive.

me.  I'm sure there are other sellers on fiver who know the value of their services that will be able to help you.. 

 a few hours later..

them. again.

will you give me a discount. I will give you more orders

me. have a nice day.




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People still try the 'but I will give you lots of work when this is done, just do this for half price (or less) for me!' on me, which is ironic because I keep having to push my prices up to be able to write everything the way I want (which is...well, unrushed and just just properly in general). I understand that people have different budgets, but there's plenty of other people offering similar stuff for much cheaper...

(that being said, I guess this is a universal thing. Everyone wants discounts. My dad is awfully good at bartering when it comes to cheap second-hand stuff, but I've never really been good at it.)

Last comment - I was very confused why the video had Hungarian in it (on the door.) 

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Buyer: Here is impossible to understand brief, I want it in 2 days.

Me: Hello. I can't do it in 2 days it should be possible for me in 15 days.

Buyer: Alright then, since it takes 15 days can you off by 50%?

Buyer: And I don't know what I want yet. (Basically wants me to read his mind)

Buyer: BTW I need 12 step process screenshot, want to approve every steps. (Whaat!)

Buyer: Are you there?

Buyer: ?




Buyer: How much? for something like this. Out of my 10 friends 5 them will be playing cricket, me and my gf riding elephant, other 5 of them will be riding sci-fi motorcycle chasing us. All should be looking heroic, similar outfit like in Krrish in cyberpunk Delhi background. 

Me: Hello. It takes time and will be expensive. My estimate is "very cheap price for almost 50 hours of work"

Buyer: Budget is 50$. 

Me: It's not possible. Thanks. 

Buyer: Don't waste my time then.  (How did I waste his time 😛 very rude, demanding)


I don't always get weird messages but above two are real deal. 

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