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  1. Since I have always been on last page. Promotion feature is like dream come true. It makes Fiverr bit more consistent. Since I'm not in field that can do large quantity all I need is just 2 orders a week. So for me click per price ratio is darn good.
  2. Not success but I have gotten my second order after 4 years 😛 My first order had 4.3 star rating but it wasn't really problem in the end. Trying Buyer's request and improving my gig helped me to get started. After 4 months now I'm almost level 2.
  3. I have been there and spent some dollars to even boost my gig on social sites didn't make difference. If people doesn't have something to do sharing on any other platform is worth try but nothing to obsessed about.
  4. After initial few reviews it will become bit meaningless. So don't bother to ask. It's better. You don't know how they rate anything right ? Some people rate only absolute best for 5 and usually 4.5 is in their mind is the good rating.
  5. They just spamming for forum badges. Some people believe forum activity may help their ranking or sort of ❓ which is false and absolutely foolish
  6. My early payout disappeared 🤧 I thought only rated orders are eligible for early payout so I didn't really mind but after completing few rated orders it's still not coming back 😞
  7. Trick is they are professionals, knows their stuff and doing consistently good job for a long time.
  8. Sometimes uploading on fiverr takes forever for me specially when I am using 4g in my area. Is it possible to use wetransfer or dropbox ?
  9. I think fiverr forum is not suitable place for an advertising your gig. 99.9% people here are sellers I think you will be less succesful than promoting on other platform. Personally Since I'm illustrator I got bit success on instagram but still it wasn't very sustainable. But you may want to try that.
  10. Wow. You have started with really bumpy road by making 2 account etc... Congrats for being successful. So after this much years are you doing Fiverr full time ?
  11. I have always been on last page. You can't beat what doesn't exist right 😏 Personally I think promote feauture gives me good clicks since I can't focus on quantity because nature of my work.
  12. Same as non-hardcore mode and with benefit ? I'm in if they made it possible 👻
  13. Ignore these Stay Online comments. All reviews account bound so nothing you can do. Good thing is it's just only one review so with some 5 star reviews it will be rounded into 5 star eventually.
  14. True. I may probably misstated my thought. Most people might try one thing and give up or just feel it's not worth his time. So that's why I have told him lower the "fast money" expectation and be patient.
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