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How can I get my first order?


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I am a New Seller on Fiverr and I have got four gigs on my page, one of which has one order. I originally thought that would give my gigs a little boost in the algorithm however I have received no more orders for any of my gigs.

I offer Minecraft Thumbnail Design, Fortnite Thumbnail Design, Logo Design, and Roller Coaster Thumbnail Design. My Fortnite thumbnail design service has 59 impressions and two clicks. I am not sure how to check when I created them, but I believe it was about a week ago!

I respect that I have to be patient, and was just wondering if I can speed this up.

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18 hours ago, redroy232 said:

I believe it was about a week ago!

Some sellers take months to get their first order. That you've gotten one already is nice, but it's not indicative.

I glanced at your profile. Logo competition is CRAZY. So using the right terminology is critical.



- the style and appearance of printed matter.
- the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

Also  suggest adding another sample. Fiverr gives three spots: use them.


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True, but also it's not about the luck, it's about time and consistency, basically, the most of the BRs timings are different from the era you're biding...so it's must to keep it in mind before going to bid....

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23 hours ago, jannatuljoya19 said:

Try your best. And stay online within proper marketing.

I try to stay online whenever I can however I have school so I am not allowed to go onto my phone during school hours. does this still affect everything?

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