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  1. Getting the first order on Fiverr is very challenging for new sellers. Please share your experience about how to get the very first order.
  2. Hello, Let me introduce myself. I'm Web Developer and work in this field since 2017. Technology is my passion. I'm new member in Fiverr. Long time ago I know about Fiverr, but not interested at that time, because for me it's too cheap rather than other platform. But I realized something, you must know how Fiverr work and and know your market. Fiverr little bit different than other platform. Other platform makes seller to send some proposal or bid into client's project. In this platform, buyer come to you when you has good work or something that might buyer interested for you. Got First Order My first gigs that got order is about testing a buyer website and give him/her report in: Excel with all BUG, UI/UX Improvement, and Optimization Video that explain about all information in Excel Here What I Do To Make My Gigs Stand Out More than six month I learn about Digital Marketing topic, and make me know "How do I reach my best potential customer?". 1. Market Research Always do your research about your niche by using Fiverr Search feature. If you find good gigs with high reviews, than you probable in correct niche. 2. Write Down The Keyword After you search using Fiverr Search, you might find repeatable keyword or what keyword might buyer type in search. Use it as good as possible in your title. 3. Tags Use all keyword that you found in point number #2 4. Cover & Images Create good cover imagas. It hasn't to be so amazing. Just create it with Canva is enough with clear text if you use any text in your cover images. 5. Description Here some topic that might help you create good description Who you are What you have done What buyer need to do before order What kind of finial result buyer got What you can't do Always learn and read from your best competitor. Your competitor is your best teacher for you. 6. Keep Active Login I don't know if this affect or not, but in my experience, when I keep active, my gigs always got good impressions. In other word, imagine if you as Fiverr, which one you recommended? New gigs, new user, but not active login New gigs, new user, but active login Of course, I would choose number #2. 7. Promote, Promote, Promote Everywhere It might part you hate the most. YES, you must promote your gigs as loud and wide as you can. Here some tips that might help you spread your gigs: Active in fiver forum or other forum. Help each other. It would brand who you are and how good you are in your niche. Twitter: Use search and find your niche active and helping each other Join Facebook Group that has biggest potential in your niche. For example: If I'm web developer want to sell my service, I might join in "Coffee Lover", "Writer/Content Creator", "Small Business Starter", etc The foundation is same Help Each Other. Don't ever-ever-ever-ever hard selling without any consent and do spamming other, it would hurt you as personal brand or your company brand. Finally Let me know if you have any tips too. Or might be you disagree with my tips above. Let me know.
  3. HURRAY! Finally Successfully completed my First Order with 5-star review.. It was an amazing experience to create a dropshipping store in Shopify Platfrom. Hopefully My Future endeavour will be Great
  4. Finally I got my most awaited first Order. Hopefully My Fiverr Journey will be more smooth and productive than whenever I didnot get any Order
  5. I created my Fiverr account a year ago and I edited my gig several times and I didn't get my first order yet, what should I do?
  6. Why I didn't get a single order from my buyer Its been 2 years+. I have used image as well as video. Still didn't get any offer and no one click on my gigs last 30 days?
  7. For me, it's been like rollercoster ride, sometimes things will go by your way and sometimes they don't. When I first started freelancing on Fiverr, I didn't get my first order from around 2 months and I was feeling hopeless that will I get any order? Then a client approached me through my gig. I was feeling happy, I did my best on the project and the client was satisfied with my work in a run. Then I was hoping for next order, but it took a lot of time. I was amature that time, so I started doing a lot of research on Fiverr, reading a lot of Articles on fiverr community, started answering and asking questions on Fiverr forumm, then I got to know How to use Buyer Request properly, So then I also started to send Buyer request on a daily basis. But there was no response from the other side and one day a client responded and I got the 2nd order from buyer request, I completed the project. So now I am getting orders from gigs and buyer requests. One time, a client liked my work so much, that he give me a tip, so that was some kind of good experience. And there was a time when a client come again and ask for one more order. I enjoy my work, I am artist and I'll love to draw and paint. So working by doing what I love is a wonderful feeling for me, yes it take efforts, yes I have to work on my skills daily. cause working on your skills and doing projects is the core of Fiverr platform. We all once an amature, but as time passes and as we don't give up on our passion, hustling to be better, we all become more than amature. And that's what make this journey of Fiverr a roller coster. Thankyou- INPAPER馃槃
  8. Hi i wnat to know whats are the benefits when, completed first 100 orders as anew seller through fiverr platform. i want to whats are the additional facilities and how his gigs play role to grab orders, whats are the important factors to be considered to adjust and maintain further expansions to reach top place. Thanks for your ideas
  9. Are you a new seller on Fiverr? Do you find it challenging to get your first order? Or are you an experienced seller but struggling to get orders? Don't worry! We've got you covered. Many people find it tough to get their foot in the door when starting on this platform. This blog post will discuss some tips and techniques that will help you get your first order on Fiverr. We will also discuss how to stand out from the competition and make yourself more visible to buyers. So, without further delay, let's get started! Gig Creation Creating a Fiverr gig that customers appreciate is critical to your success on the market. With this exceptional gig, you will get your first order! A fantastic job appears on the first page of Fiverr, receives more clicks, and transforms them into purchases. Your shows must be appealing in terms of the photos you include and address any questions your customers might have. The more helpful they appear to purchasers, the more orders you obtain. To help them reach target audiences organically, aim to optimize your gigs for SEO. Ensure including all the crucial details and make it stand out from the competition. You want to make sure your gig will be easy to find, so make sure it has keywords that are relevant to what you're selling. Now it's the right time to talk about some tips and tricks that help you throughout your freelance journey on Fiverr. Tip #01: Do Your Research Before you begin on Fiverr, it's critical to conduct your study and determine what service you'll provide. Go online and use YouTube, Udemy, and other resources to perfect your talents. When you have a solid grasp of things, you're ready to go on Fiverr. Tip #02: Choose a Strong Username First impressions are lasting, so, in the interest of your online persona, it is essential to choose a username for Fiverr that conveys professionalism and competence. A strong username reflects your brand, so if you are in web development, for example, it would be good to include words like 'web,' 'developer,' and 'design.' If you want to make the most of your Fiverr career, it's a good idea to keep your username as simple as possible. Tip #03: Build an Eye-Catching Profile Picture When you are starting, your profile picture must be professional and eye-catching. This photograph is what purchasers see first when they come across your account. You can use a photo of yourself as the profile picture. It's best to use a clear photo in focus and shows your face. If you are not comfortable using your picture, you can use a logo or an image associated with your brand. After creating your profile, you are ready to make your first gig! Yahoooooo! Tip #04: Write a Great Headline for Your Gig. Your headline is the most crucial part of your gig because it's what grabs people's attention. It should be clear, concise, and explanatory about the service you're providing. Here are a few examples of great headlines: 路 "I will create an amazing logo for your business in 24 hours!" 路 "Get a professional voiceover for your next project!" 路 "I will design an incredible website in just 72 hours!" Tip #05: Use Keywords in Your Titles/Headlines When creating your gigs, it is essential to use keywords in your titles. This will help clients find your gigs, and it will increase the likelihood of them hiring you. You can check keywords this way! Don't forget to check the keywords suggested by Fiverr. After that, check the search volume of each keyword and use keywords having low volume. Tip #06: List What You Will and Will Not Do. It will be best to be upfront with your potential customers about what services you offer and don't offer. This way, there are no misunderstandings about the work that you're providing. It will also help increase your trustworthiness as a seller if people know exactly what you are capable of doing. Here are a few examples: 路 "I will design an incredible website in just 72 hours!" 路 "I will not do any programming or coding for your project." 路 "I can create a professional voiceover for your next project." Tip #07: Describe Your Services in a Clear and Concise Manner. When writing a gig description, you should always be clear about what you're offering. This will help avoid misunderstandings and ensure that your potential customers know what they are getting. Here are a few tricks on how to write an excellent service description: 路 Always be concise and to-the-point 路 Include what you will and will not do 路 List what you need from the customer in order to complete the project 路 Include examples of your work or results that you've achieved in the past 路 Offer a money-back guarantee if you are unable to complete the project within the given time frame or do not meet the customer's expectations. Tip #08: Set Your Price. When it comes to setting the price for your services, it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. It is a good idea to price your services at a fair and reasonable rate for the work you are doing. You're probably aware that there are numerous inexpensive Fiverr sellers. As a result, all the sellers strive to secure their first client or perhaps obtain their first review since the essential thing is getting 5-star feedback. It's not worth it if a customer buys your service and then fails to leave you a review. However, by setting a low price on your work, you may get your first order from your first client. But never keep it too less, as stated above. Tip #09: Offer Different Packages When you're creating your gigs, it's important to offer different packages. This will give clients the option to choose the package that best suits their needs and budget. For example, if they only need a logo design and want business cards designed, they will probably choose the package that includes both services. If they only need a website, they will probably choose the package that includes website design. Tip #10: Offer a Free Trial When you are first starting, it's a good idea to offer a free trial. This will allow the client to try out your services, and it will help you build a relationship with them. Tip #11: Offer a Discount If you are unable to offer a free trial, this tip is for you! Offering a discount is another way to entice clients and get them interested in your services. Start by providing your first-time clients with a discount on their first order. This will show them that you're serious about your work, and it will help you build a relationship with them. Tip #12: Provide a Compelling Gig Description It is crucial to provide a compelling gig description when creating your gigs. This will help clients understand what services you offer and why they should hire you. Whatever you do, strive for excellence and simplicity in your gig description. Many sellers have mistakes in their grammar or spelling, which reveals only a lack of concern. That鈥檚 why buyers do not prefer those gigs having common mistakes! Tip #13: Make Your Gig Description Search-Friendly by Including Keywords. When you're writing a gig description, it's essential to use keywords related to your services. These will help potential customers find your gig when searching for specific services. The SEO-friendly gig will also assist you in reaching your goal swiftly because the description is more than simply a description of your work; it will optimize your gig to rank in the search results on Fiverr. Tip #14: Answer Frequently Asked Questions Under Your Gig Description There are some questions that potential clients commonly ask. It's a good idea to answer these questions in the FAQs section under your gig description so they can get the answers they're looking for right away. Remember that the more information you give out, the faster they'll be able to sell your service. Tip #15: Create Your Own Work Samples One way to show off your skills is by uploading past work samples. This can help potential clients see what you're capable of, making them more likely to hire you. The best place to make your portfolio for FREE is on Behance.net/medium.com Tip #16: Create an Attractive Gig Image While creating your gigs, it is essential to use an attractive image. This will help clients remember your gig, increasing the likelihood of them hiring you. Tip #17: Use a Video in the Gig Media It is a good idea to include a video in the gig media. Adding a video to your gig is a great way to engage potential customers. You can use this video as an opportunity to explain exactly what you are offering and how it will benefit them. This will help the client get to know you better, and it will increase the likelihood of them hiring you. Tip #18: Market Your Services It's essential to market your services to get more clients. This can be done using social media, networking, and online directories. Social media can be a great way to promote your gig. Make sure you have a solid social media presence and use it to promote your services. You can also post about your experiences on Fiverr and share tips with other freelancers. Tip #19: Create 7 Gigs If you want to get your first order on Fiverr, you must create seven gigs. This will give you a better chance of getting hired because clients are more likely to hire someone who has various skills and experience. Tip #20: SEO Your Gigs When the Fiverr algorithm detects a new service, it tries to have it show up in search results. So, it's vital to do the SEO of your gigs. Optimizing your gig for search informs the AI what your gig/service is about and how valuable you are. You can SEO your gigs by using the right keywords, titles, and descriptions. Tip #21: Offer Custom Packages Some clients may want services not included in any of your packages. If this happens, You can offer them custom packages. This will allow the client to choose the services they need and help you make more money. Tip #22: Give Clients What They Want It is imperative to give clients what they want. This will help them feel like they are getting their money's worth, and it will increase the likelihood of them hiring you again in the future. Tip #23: Send Buyer Requests Daily When you are a beginner, it's a good idea to send buyer requests daily. This will help you get your name out there, increasing the chance of clients hiring you. Through buyer requests, you have more chances to get your first client. You can send 10 requests daily, which is more than enough for professional sellers. On the other hand, many new sellers make a significant blunder by sending out buyer requests. They neglect to focus on the client's requirements. They can't get any clients even after sending hundreds of offers. Pro Tip: Never copy and paste the same proposal format for every request. Try to write according to the client's job description. For beginners, offer an amount lower than their budget! Hopefully! You'll get the job! Tip #24: Have a Great Introduction When you first contact a potential client, it's crucial to have a great introduction. Make sure your proposal is well-written and professional. You want to make a good impression and show the client that you're knowledgeable about their needs. Tip #25: Follow Up with Clients You need to follow up with your clients after they've hired you. This will help build a strong relationship between the two of you and ensure that they're satisfied with your work. You can follow up by sending them a thank-you note, asking for feedback, or simply staying in touch. Tip #26: Network with Other Freelancers Networking with other freelancers can be a great way to find new clients and learn from their experiences. There are many online forums and groups where freelancers can connect. You can also join Facebook groups where other freelancers will share their success stories, tips for getting clients, and more. Tip #27: Stay Organized When working as a freelancer, it's crucial to stay organized. This will help you stay on top of your work and ensure that you meet all the deadlines. You can stay organized by using a project management tool, creating a to-do list, or simply keeping a calendar. Tip #28: Set Realistic Goals While starting as a freelancer, it's central to set realistic goals. This will help you stay motivated and ensure that you're making progress toward your long-term success. For example, if you want to earn $100 per month in the first year of working as a freelancer, make sure that this is an achievable goal. Tip #29: Learn from Mistakes One of the best ways to grow as a freelancer is learning from your mistakes. If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to admit it and learn from the experience. This will help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future and ensure that you're constantly improving your skills. Tip #30: Be Professional When working as a freelancer, it's significant to be professional. This will help you build a good reputation, and it will increase the likelihood of clients hiring you in the future. Tip #31: Stay Online Every platform has its own set of benefits, and being active on anyone will offer you more possibilities from the platform. It's not difficult to be active on Fiverr since there is a mobile app that you can install and use on your smartphone. Therefore, this is another crucial factor to your Fiverr success. This will help you respond quickly to clients, and this way, you will be hired soon! Some clients need their job done on an urgent basis. While searching for a potential seller, they use the ONLINE filter (image below). If they found you online, you'll win the job! Tip #32: Be Patient and Don't Quit As a beginner, having patience is the key factor. This will help you avoid becoming frustrated, and it will give you the opportunity to learn more about freelancing. Some people work only a few days and lose their hope to get orders. It may take time, but it's essential not to quit. Stay positive and keep working hard to get your first order. Final Words Getting your first order on Fiverr is not always easy. However, if you follow the tips in this article, you will increase your chances of success. These tips helped me get my first order, and I hope they help you too. Best of luck!
  10. Alhamdulillah, the wait is finally over 馃槏馃槏 Last Friday I completed my first order with five star review on the Fiverr platform.馃 This is the first, but many more will come, InshaAllah
  11. Today I received my third order on Fiverr. Now my question is will this order increase my gig rank? I found my gig on the second page when it had a review!!! but now I have two reviews of that gig. Now my question is will this review increase my gig rank?馃 best of luck Thanks Tasfi
  12. Hello, I am a New Seller on Fiverr and I have got four gigs on my page, one of which has one order. I originally thought that would give my gigs a little boost in the algorithm however I have received no more orders for any of my gigs. I offer Minecraft Thumbnail Design, Fortnite Thumbnail Design, Logo Design, and Roller Coaster Thumbnail Design. My Fortnite thumbnail design service has 59 impressions and two clicks. I am not sure how to check when I created them, but I believe it was about a week ago! I respect that I have to be patient, and was just wondering if I can speed this up.
  13. Hello and welcome to hear my journey on Fiverr! I joined on 22-02-2022 as a seller of the world's best freelancing platform on Fiverr and I'm so happy to have a order within a week. I hope I could be do something good in this marketplace. Keep in your prayer and your advice are pleasuring for me 馃檪 Thank you so much for your valuable comments!
  14. It's been 1 month I'm on fiverr, but I'm not getting any sort of order. It's really frustrating for me. I'm an skilled person but i'm not getting the fiverr algorithm. If anyone help me out I will be more than happy.馃檪
  15. As stated above. I wonder how long and how much work it took you from the moment you created a gig to your first order. Any tips are welcome 馃檪
  16. Hello, I'm Khadiza. I've got my first order after a long time. After completing my first order and getting review successfully, what will I do to rank more higher? Will I get more order or I'll have to wait like first order? Thanks.
  17. Hi there, i am a new seller. Few month ago i was created my gig but i did not get my first order. also, i am marketing and share all social media of my gig. To be honest I did not get a order from fiverr. would you help me please? please watch my Gig
  18. I am a new seller on this platform. If I post my gig link in the Fiverr forum. Will I have any problems after that?
  19. Hi there! This is Shara, a new seller on Fiverr. I got my first order within a week of creating my account. I completed the order properly and the buyer finally accepted with a revision request. But it is sorrow for the buyer left me without any review. Is there any suggestion for me to you how I get reviews from the buyers after completing orders?
  20. Please give me some tips for selling our Services
  21. Alhamdulillah, First Order 24 days after publishing gig First Order 24 days after publishing gig
  22. Hi everyone, I am the new one in Fiverr, How can I get my first order? Please tell me a tip.
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