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The best social media to use would likely take into some consideration of platform activity (daily active users, monthly active users) and absence of other sellers.

Everyone is saying Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, that means everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram flooding the hashtags with their own offerings. It will be only slightly less difficult to cut through that noise and stand out as it is to stand out on Fiverr itself.

Possibly there are specialized platforms out there that know one knows about because of how specific they are that only hobbyists would know about it. As an example, if you have a service that's relevant to knitting, the best place to advertise it is Ravelry which is a site that's specifically for knitters and about knitting.

So, the best thing for the OP to do is consider who needs graphic design, and the dig around a bit for specialized sites where they congregate as an almost exclusive group. Like, maybe printers who offer flyer services could use the help, in which case maybe something like PrintPlanet.com might make sense, assuming they allow self-promotion. 

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It varies depending on the platform, but there are other methods to get in front of people. I don't know for Facebook, but on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can use hashtags to get in front of people who are browsing that tag. Like, on LinkedIn, I'm subscribed to a variety of Quality Assurance tags, so random self promotions are always crossing my feed.

That makes me think that TikTok could be a way to promote one's work such as by showing one's self working and tagging it with maybe one of the various entrepreneur/smallbusinessowner type tags.

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