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  1. Wondering when we will get rid of such irrelevant comments spamming each post. Have you even read what he is asking about?
  2. I just tried to register myself on Fiverr business and here's what I received.
  3. Thank you @vickieito for clearing this, was really concerned over this thing.
  4. This has happened a lot of time, so just wondering if anyone here can assist me to understand. One of the client that I've been working with takes A LOT of time to respond/provide feedback on the assets that I send to him and never put the order on modification. Order is marked complete itself. Now when he'll come back after a week or so, I need to set up the offer again. My question is, will Fiverr consider this too as negative thing that client haven't placed the order of next milestone? Quite worried about this
  5. Hi @victorchen928 welcome to the Fiverr Community, hope you'll have a great time working on this platform and in the community. I am working on 2D Animations.
  6. You should master your existing Skill first, if you think you've learnt EVERYTHING & there's nothing left to be explored in Branding Designs, ask yourself what you LOVE to do the most? Do you enjoy logo creation or UI/UX? As learning new skill isn't of any worth if you're not PRO in your existing skill and your next skill will help only if you are passionate for that too.
  7. @vickieito I really appreciate that you wrote these things, they totally make sense and I hope they're helpful for the people to understand that what could be wrong. @williambryan392 I don't feel you were harsh, in fact most of the points you said are those I totally agree with, no one should be provided with the information that what they should do to make their profile accurate, everyone should try exploring it by their own as we did. My only point to mention all of you here is that I have heard few rumors too that Fiverr isn't allowing Pakistani freelancers to create sellers profiles anymore, so just wanted to be sure that there's nothing wrong with Fiverr or it's algorithms, it's just that the new sellers might be doing something wrong as @vickieito & @theratypist mentioned above
  8. The results are amazing @rabia_sabir Your conversion rate is definitely great, how you're able to convert this much? The knocks you always receive, do you always get your favorite clients from those? Just asking because that's not the case with my GIG, I usually get most of the requests to work for less price than the ones mentioned on my GIG
  9. Buyer requests are not in process these days for most of the sellers as Fiverr is trying to publish a new feature instead of that. Are you guys still receiving buyer requests?
  10. Woah, that's amazing. Where I can find this? My turnaround is usually same for clients from Fiverr and outside, where I could find this and how does this work?
  11. @vickieito @theratypist @williambryan392 @lloydsolutions Sorry for bothering you all but just thought you might have an idea of what's going on, I checked in the forum after quite few days but have heard the same issue from a friend of mine, few people on Facebook group who're new to Fiverr and then on here Forum as well. By any chance, any of you have an idea of why this is happening?
  12. Your picture is none of the category mentioned by Fiverr as it says "Show yourself clearly and face the front. This can be an original image of you, your company's logo, or an image that represents your service." @sanaali139 The above line is from Fiverr Support article, could be found here in detail: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4416325224977
  13. Agree with @donnovan86 Nothing on this Earth can stop the people who'll order irrelevant and then come in inbox to talk
  14. Woah, never knew that orders could be in revisions for 1 or 3 year 😄 I always try to complete the orders without revisions but if they get into revisions, I try mostly to complete them ASAP so it doesn't affect my stats
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