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How to create an attractive gig for video editing?


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Here is what I did for mine, I target twitch streamers and youtube so I made something that has something to do with it and i’ve made a picture at the end that i’ve used as thumbnail.

The guy at left is a rockstar, the girl at right is my friend

favicon-32x32.png.a66f514bac4874ab2bf33426cfcf9c0c.png Fiverr.com

psykkopatte : I will do gaming video editing for youtube and twitch for $45...

For only $45, psykkopatte will do gaming video editing for youtube and twitch. | Why me ?I offer gig extra (color grading, motion graphics, text animations, effects) whatever the package you pick !My skills:Color gradingSound balance and...

Also, being creative and have a mind full of ideas is the biggest part of the job.

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