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2 hours ago, nuojin7872 said:

Hi, I have the same message from the seller. It says that " The seller is not accepting messages at this time." Can someone check if he is suspended or he blocked me?? Thanks in advance!

Well you can use another browser where you are not logged into Fiverr. Browse their profile link in that browser and if the link is still active and you can see the seller's profile, then that means they blocked you. If their profile link doesn't work, then that means they were suspended.

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3 hours ago, strategist_ceo said:

mild-mannered and submissive when they are trying their best to be rude.

Whenever I see people going out of line, I block them. I prefer to avoid insults, and I would never insult anyone either. So yeah, if people start saying inappropriate things, then it's better to just move on. At least that's what I do. 

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