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  1. Yup, only o the many bugs in the BR section alone. You put in good info in a way to make it readable and Fiverr, turn it into 🙂
  2. Your sense of what “should” be is your real dilemma here. Somehow you have gained the impression that all you need to do is show up, stay here for hours on end, and work will flow in. This doesn’t even make the grade if you were selling socks at a sock market in Sockville where there are millions of people doing nothing but buying every sock they see. I know it is an attractive idea, but the lure of that idea is actually the sign of its falseness. Matt & Donovan are right. Make Gigs that suit what buyers want (and believe me most buyers in this place really only want garbage - look at what they are prepared to pay) so trying to a) sell exactly the same socks as everyone else for the same price will not win you anything, b) selling good socks for a premium prices will also not really work (at least not at high volume). Work out what the buyer wants and either adjust to exactly that in a way that your socks stand out for the right buyers (not with silly promises of endless revision and money back or 20 hours of work for $5). The right buyers may be few and far between and I know to be the case for the sort of Mix & Master wok I do. This lets me put most of my energies to better things than chasing what is not really for me anyway. There is a lot to learn in the Forum if you really read widely, esp from the wiser heads and understand the patterns they create. Then work out how you can fit (or not) into those patterns. 🙂
  3. That would be 11 sales (not the 2 your claim). So from this we can conclude that basic fact checking is not one of your strengths but leaping to false conclusions and making broad judgments upon those false conclusions is 😉 At no point did I defend much of what goes on in these places. I actually loathe what people pretend as magic. If you were to look any deeper at me and my overall points in this matter and the quality of sellers (and buyers) in these places overall, you might just realize that you have painted me completely the opposite way from what really I am. Your call to believe that, not your call to judge and sentence so blindly. My point is that we should not be quite so judgy as no one is forced to buy these (probably) silly services. If they do, they are (probably) deluded but if it gets then through another day it can’t make them any worse then zoloft.
  4. This is the big dilemma with everyone and their dog deciding to suddenly be a freelancer as now almost all categories are over-ful with poor offers and many buyers are simply too lazy to want to find good sellers. It was the inevitability of these places making their process more like a video game than real professional work. 🙂
  5. Please, go read the TOS, you know the thing you said you had read and agreed to, because this tells you which sites you can link to, and what you cannot link to. I suggest you do this asap as you just told us you have several TOS breaches already. Please don’t ask me to link you to the relevant pages as this is your business and you need to know how to manage it yourself, which means knowing how to find the right info yourself. 🙂
  6. Generally BR appear twice a day. I find timings a bit loose and broad but for me about 4-6 PM and probably the same in the morning. They can start earlier but rarely go later. Sometimes there is one “drop” at the start and no more, other times they keep appearing throughout that time window. Being L1 has meant that they don’t disappear so a lot less sense of rush about it. You will have to learn your times as they seem to vary between people (or maybe categories). Honestly, don’t let BR rule your life as mostly they are so horrible that they are a waste of good energy on bad. The few who reply seem to want things for free, or can’t/won’t even explain what they want. All things that are the complete opposite of a professional mindset. Speaking of professional, try not to do business on a phone. use a real computer with a screen (or three) as that gives you are far better platform. People using phones and mistakenly thinking that tree vague words is enough to describe their needs because it looks like a lot on a tiny phone screen is a lot of the problem here. 🙂
  7. Honestly, unless Fiverr pulls up their socks, I think their days at the top of mind for online freelancing are over. They already have a reputation for being a quagmire or unprofessionalism but unless they sort their ducks into a neat (and morally supportable) line, they will become more of a laughingstock and even desparates will avoid. Honestly the Forum was the only part of Fiverr I was really enjoying and that is badly dented now so… 🙂
  8. Have you pointed this out to them? Not that you should need to but it will be interesting to see if they can/will adjust those Stats that you done someone wrong when in fact you did not. This sort of stuff in-action day after day is why I have lost a lot of interest in Fiverr. 🙂
  9. Sadly this may be so but if no one fights bad behavior, no one else will, so CS will get lazier and the vampires stronger. Tell us how it goes. 🙂
  10. I would fight CS on this by showing that this person has cancelled out of spite after not being able to bully you in a manner contrary to TOS (sad but you have to remind CS of their own TOS). Demand their support under TOS to still get paid for work delivered. Honestly, tho you should have nuked this one from orbit the first time they started bending you to their will with demands for discounts etc. Once you let the Vampire in, they have run of the house. You can never stop them except by telling them they are no longer invited in. Raise your prices and stick to them. Best of luck. 🙂
  11. Refer this to CS asking for your money back as is seems like they probably owe you an explanation if not actually protection as per their TOS as this seems to be a totally 💩 excuse and therefore you probably deserve your pay, esp seeing a) this was a month ago and b) they still have the song (check to see if it is in use to improve your case). it is sickening to keep seeing this sort of stuff. What is the point of a platform if they take all they give (and more seeing dignity goes with the money). 😦
  12. Dodgy in the extreme. They either got banned from here or they just want to go off-platform to save the 20% they already promised to Fiverr for helping find clients. Leave this one alone. Find someone who has honor. 🙂
  13. No, not at all. Read the TOS and you will find a list of approved outbound links and unless your Blogger site is actually YouTube (or one of the others), you must not link to it. 🙂
  14. Well known bug. ignore. What you can see is what is available. The number is broken. 🙂
  15. That is just scummy practice indeed. Not even explaining why this might be needed, alone begging your forbearance as they take advantage of you in this way. Technically it is a breach of TOS that you could/should report. If anything gets done by CS is a whole other thing. I would initially try to ride it out then once job is completed, never work for them again as this indicates someone who has no respect for a) the rules b) other people. Sooner or later this person will burn you badly (as opposed to just a bit as they are doing here). 🙂
  16. You don’t indicate have a Contract for that work? If so you just played yourself. Sorry to hear but you need to learn how these places work and not be so desperate that you do silly things like work when there is no contract, or for people who decline to value you. 🙂
  17. Then refer to CS saying that you have an uncooperative client as clearly this person is not engaged or even honorable. No good will come of trying to work with someone who doesn’t seem to want to work with you. You can also simply hit Cancel from your side. This lets the buyer decline that cancellation but chances are that is exactly what they are wanting from you but just don’t have the marbles to say. Yes this will affect stats, but no where near as badly as any star rating or review this person is likely to leave if you drag them to complete the contract they made with you. This is all very unfair but simply the nature of these places. The buyer have already breached by not honoring the spirit of that contract so get them out of your life asap. 🙂
  18. Some may notice that I am less present than I was before the “Morongate” event. This is complex. I finally got my Level One badge. I am not a badge person but I was happy to get that public recognition for where I am at. I also hoped it would bring better clients, those who seek a more professional experience seeing that is what I offer. In everything since it has been the complete opposite. And as a result, my L1 will probably evaporate next cycle. One of my jobs now reads as having a 100% Cancellation rate! I am the one who has spoken out about chasing Stats and I still do. These numbers (or lack thereof) don’t tell my story in the way they claim. They tell a false story. They lead us to try to do things that in a Stat-free space we would walk (or run) away. they tell people I am unreliable when I am simply not working with unreliable people - people who will abuse me (so I can get a valueless badge). I had two people hire me without the requested conversation first. Both failed to send proper working materials. Once I got the files and the extra info, the jobs were not as initially indicated & priced. New info should not be appearing after paying. This simply makes me their slave if I stay to protect a Stat. One job I had CS cancel on the spot (which went well), the other I did the work only to be hit with revisions on a no-revision job, and most of what was written showed that the buyer was not rational or reading. He also provided more key info with a “haha” that he should have told me before it caused me to be told I did it all “wrong”. I canceled that myself as I had already exceeded the terrible pay (which no naming of famous names he has worked alongside will cover). So there will go my L1. I acted like a true professional and now my badge of professionalism is going??? I have also had to head off a ReSeller who expected me to hand over all my work for free, a VID who expected me to work for free to see if I was good enough for him, a kid who despite a reasonably long conversation could never tell me what I could do for him, a person who committed themselves to a job they couldn’t do who was nice but sent files that some supposed “Pro” made that were an embarrassment to the craft. At least I could nix those. So after that, Morongate and the evaporative aftermath, I have a totally new view on how much energy Fiverr and the forum are worth. If people come to me as sane professionals (how they behave) i will be delighted to meet them as such. 🙂
  19. I do not understand why any trader would not work in US$ as while hearing numbers in AUD or Yen or Jlongolnese Squillings & Rupence (or whatever) may be easy, it can only lead to dramas like the one you have had (and I have had that one too). For a universal market, it makes far more sense to work in a universal currency with universal pricing. This helps people to understand the value of universal value, like if Mixing a Song well is worth $150 it is always worth $150 and not $5. Anyone who prices under that is clearly signaling that they have limited skills. If one does live in one of those countries where $1US is worth lots of your currency, you are totally winning. besides I have no idea what 45 JS&R is worth so while it may be like $1,000 it may be $0.03. We are all better working on one currency. Anyway, likely no one will change this as places like this never seem to be about great work, they are about making it easy for people to put their money in the slot. What comes out the other end, the organization cares not so long as people keep putting money in the slot so they can put it on Forex or the horses or whatever their real business is. 🙂
  20. This is a rather senseless method for if they are a good buyer, trader but have no history yet, you have dismissed them with no valid reason. Also, I have met with many who have lots of badges to say how wonderful they are but have been terrible people who get their badges from treating people with no confidence like garbage. That may make them a repeat buyer but it does not make them a good person to do business with. You have to use your own senses and not trying to cut corners like this. The mark or merits of a person are always in how they converse with you. If they are too afraid (or just plain lazy) to talk with you, that probably says everything you need - which is why my profile now warns that orders without talking first to share all details of the job will probably be canceled, as will rudeness as once a person thinks they can behave so poorly (treat me as a non-person) they always will behave badly - not so bad if they pay me well, but such people always seem to think $1ph is doing me a favor. 🙂
  21. I agree. A good buyer/seller is easy to spot as is a poor buyer/seller. It is there in their BR/Gig but once you speak to someone, you can tell pretty easily if they have honor and behave professionally or not. The thing to be aware of is that you may struggle to trust the red flags that do get shown and then think that you should trust in silly things like Stats, Verified badges, or Star Ratings instead of your own human senses based on an open and honest dialog (which is all but non-existent with poor buyers/sellers). 🙂
  22. Ok so you are assuming that Cancellations reduce a Gig’s ability to be viewed in Search results. Probably correct. Probably if you have enough cancellations and enough competitors on relevant Search Terms, your Gig may seem to disappear. So long as you don’t get your Gig Suspended, then it would equally probably be true that you could trade back up search results with completed jobs on that Gig. However, I will urge caution that there is no sense in taking jobs solely to affect your Stats. Just this week I have had to cancel a second job that means that I will probably lose my L1 badge. I looked at a couple of BR with some hope they may balance that out but in the end, the only reason I would take those jobs is to solve a non-existent problem. What is worse they both had a high chance of turning into cancellations seeing they were so vague that probably I would lose them anyway. Look at how and why these Cancellations happened in the first place and try ot get in front of that so they happen less. Or realize that this is the nature of this place that people fire off jobs like they were lollies and so cancellations will be high as you sort wheat from chaff after the fact. 🙂
  23. I third what is above: this person is asking for something dangerous to you. You give them source files in Deliver and never before. If you have checked they work in KDP (assuming that is even a “deliverable” noted in the job) they should work - occasionally they don’t but that is why god invented Revisions. This person may be asking for this out of being clueless or they could be hoping that you are clueless. Either way, extremely unprofessional to try to force you to trust them in ways they don’t seem to reciprocate. Deliver formally when you are confident that you have covered the Brief. 🙂
  24. If you don’t know what sacrifices you would be prepared to make then you are not ready. I guess you haven’t seen any of those Rocumentary films where the wife says to the musician hubby, if you go on tour we are done. And he goes on tour. it may seem brutal on her but if music is what he does, music is what he does. Same with all them Rodeo songs like George Strait “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”. Another song with this message is The Cult “Heart Of Soul”. You may think it irrelevant I list these songs you probably don’t even want to like. See em this way, they are like little TED Talks from specialists in the field. Not just some 30+ year vet who almost got signed then ended up on Fiverr, but people who made it to the top and stayed there. Learn from your history, the people who went before and worked out how it works and passed that forward to you. Vanilla Ice probably had no idea that most of his song was “borrowed” or if he did at that time probably didn’t care. He seems a decent chap now but back then he was a total paddle pop. His record label would have made the song and at that time, sampling was still a fairly open playing field with many still believing that this was fine, noble even. Or, they may have known it would get a demand from Queen and figured the song would Hit so fast that it would be worth it for the extra publicity and sense of naughtiness it added to Ice’s public bad-boy persona. There is still plenty of value in the example. Not that stealing is ok, but that it is not always the end. Go ask Flame 😉 Again, again, again, you need to step away from this thought process. This is fear alone talking. If you can write hit songs, even if someone else nicks it, it only proves that you are better than they are and that you can do it again. The thief can never do anything so they are easy to ride over. Willie Nelson used to sell songs for a few bucks. Do you think he regrets that? I doubt it. he has enough of his own hits that he or someone else wrote. The song is what counts. Besides, and this is the really important thing you are not getting through you, you cannot control what has not happened and might never happen, and if it did, might be the greatest gift from god if it did. Garth Brooks had a hit with a song all about that. The song is what counts. How you let the song lead you is what counts. KISS learned this under Bob Ezrin as he had them re-purpose a song into “Beth” and their first real Hit. They spring-boarded that even further with Pau’s “I Was Made For Loving You”. Forget all this fear. Or better, let yourself see and and shrug it off so you and the songs that chose you can do their work. 🙂
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