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  1. Hi! Use buyer requests. I have not had a new order in ages, I only have one recurring client! You cannot make Fiverr your main place for income. If you are patient you will develop a good clientele. Just plod along, but if you are urgent to make money you need to find another way to generate income. Some people advertise their Fiverr services on FaceBook or other platforms as well. Unfortunately, you are competing with a very large amount of people!
  2. Do you have the option to promote your gigs? You should have this option is you a Level 1 or 2 client. Use it! It doesn't cost much and it will put your gigs back on the front pages.
  3. Fiverr is very strict about ID cards. You may have to wait until you get another permanent one, before you can apply. I would contact Customer Services and ask them.
  4. Hi! I am not sure what you are asking. If you are wanting more than one Fiverr account - this is not allowed! If you are wanting to share your Fiverr account on your website or facebook, you can. On you profile page you will see what social media platform you can link with your Fiverr account.
  5. I feel it is a personally preference. A lot of people use their company logo. There are no rights or wrongs.
  6. I think the message can be retrieved. Go to your profile messages. Click on all conversations. Click on archived. This may open up a deleted message. Try it and see if it works! Let me know.
  7. Well, you may think your delivery is great, which it was, but you are not considering something! If you give an unrealistic delivery time, your client may always expect that type of delivery time from you. I never deliver early even if the project is completed. Why? Because the next time they order and I am very busy with lots of clients, I may not be able to give the quick service (that is why I always give myself enough time for delivery). My advice to any seller, deliver when you say you will deliver or 24 hours before hand. Don't deliver early because customers will always expect that type of delivery.
  8. He is using you! If you are new and need the ratings, just tag along for a month or two before telling him anything. But if you are well established, make an amount and tell him you cannot make it less. What I would do is politely explain to him how long it took you to do the last order. Tell him that you are already offering way below your normal rates. Another thing to consider, why do people do freelancing? Answer: To make a profile or income. So do you really want someone who is going to pay little for a lot of hard work? No! So it is entirely up to you! Don't feel threatened be polite but firm. He knows underneath that he is squeezing you dry and trying to get very cheap labor.
  9. It is up to the buyers and sellers to stop illegal activity. One illegal activity on Fiverr is sending contact details, whether it is a phone number or email, or s***e address. I put it on my gig description, that I will report them if they send contact details, and I do report them. Not only is sharing contact details not allowed on Fiverr, but it is also for your safety. I don't do it in spite. That is not what I am like, but if my account is affected by someone else leaving their number on my messages, I report them. I am taking no chances.
  10. Don't ever exchange contact details and if someone sends you a contact number, remember to flag them. If you don't your account will be at risk. Tell them that it is not done, and have on your gig description that no one is allowed to send contact details, emails or anything outside Fiverr or you WILL flag them.
  11. Hi, The buyer has 2 weeks to give you a rating after the 2 week, from when you delivered, he can no longer give you a rating. I would definitely block him, he won't know that you have, he just won't be able to go into your profile. He is using you. (To block, go to his profile picture and you will get the option to block him. Select block and tell Fiverr why - not tell Fiverr that he is not giving a rating (he doesn't have to) - rather says it is because he is ordering and wanting you to complete more than your gig requirements.
  12. I would add an extra on my Gig description: Please message me before ordering. (put it in bold and highlight)
  13. Well, I lost my ranking when I got a 4.3 rating. From the first page to about 5th. So I have actual witness on that one.
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