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  1. Apparently this is still happening. Has anyone resolved this problem?
  2. Does anyone know if the auto-complete of order is 3 or 8 days? (for milestones order)
  3. I counted. I send them relevant screenshots explaining, some with clear date and time delivery (and due) 12 times. The last message to me is that I am late, ignoring screen shots sent those 12 times.
  4. This is possible. It's a common thing between the two incidents, the multiple extension (which happened because the buyer didn't know what his company projection is) was deemed as late multiple times. The CS kept accusing me of being late and I find the screenshot attached with a clear due date and time + delivery date and time (that I was not late) not helpful. They will go back to accusing me of being late again.
  5. After 7 CS, over 3 tickets, a long conversation that keeps getting "reset". They just tell me that I am very late. This is the latest reply, they tell me that I am late and thus the order will not be auto completed.
  6. It's delivered on time, early even. However, the system marks me as "late" and "very late". It's not about delivering late but the system thinks that I am very late, when in fact, I delivered early. This has got to do with a bug on the platform, both the order affected had extensions to them, both were necessary because the buyer weren't giving me the right info. That shouldn't matter... except it did.
  7. I don't even know I was "very late". The CS told me "very late" in the system in the ticket that I submitted.
  8. I have been told by more than 1 CS that I am late and "very late" even. Late = later than due date Very late = Later than 24 hours. I am assuming they have profound impact to your fiverr algorithm. Despite multiple contact with the CS, who keep telling me that I am late, I am late and I am late (3-4 CS so far). I really don't get it and this is the second time, a similar bug is affecting me. I was never late and I find that having to explain to 7 different CS (combined over 3 tickets) that I was not late is so stressful. I keep telling them to just look at the delivery date and time, I was 1 day early. Why are they just ignoring the fact that I delivered early? I am not late and was never late for any of my work. Why is Fiverr pushing the VERY LATE status to me? and not "auto completing" an order, despite it has already been completed.
  9. My success manager and the Fiverr manager have both assured me that cancellation(s) as a buyer will not affect my seller’s side… I had a cancellation 2-3 days ago and my impression was 0 across the board yesterday. This is even worse when I just joined, I had between 3 – 10… never a ZERO. Of course… it’s my suspicion. It’s too obvious.
  10. If your delivery is later than the original “intended delivery” time… and you have not went through resolution to request for an extension, even if the client accepts the “extension” AFTER the original delivery time… your order will be marked late. I know this has nothing to do with the original post but it’s a good to know.
  11. I will certainly tell people if it’s good (or bad). Watch this space?
  12. I think it will make sense to offer Seller Plus to those who actively have a # orders within a period of time? It makes sense to offer only to those who have over $10 (or $20) in balance. I am also curious if they will accept many sellers who aren’t able to communicate in English properly. They are in need the most.
  13. I took the advice. I removed 6 of my gigs. I modified my best performing gig and my main gig. I’m very nervous. I expect a period of low impressions, as the gig “index” itself… Very nervous.
  14. You’re probably late. I think the invitation was for people who responded to this thread, earlier on.
  15. I’m afraid I have to disagree. I have been here since 2017, and my success manager gave me genuine guidance that I can use. Also, the TOS of seller plus says: All consultation and education shared in the course of the Seller Plus Program by the Seller Success Manager is personalized for a specific Seller in a specific time frame; please avoid sharing any information you receive from the Seller Success Manager with others nor relying solely on this information. So is what you shared breaking Seller Plus TOS? :thinking: I plan to keep the subscription if it stays at $20 per month. If Fiverr raises it then, I will have to think about that. I removed that comment although I don’t think I disclose any actual advice. Everything I mentioned was in the scope. Still. 😅
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