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How to find the first job in Fiverr?


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Use the “Buyer Request” page, the page where you will find solicitations from clients this will help you to start, but will need be pantiente to send offers everyday… you can send 10 offers per day… and will work with the budget of the clientes. This is the fastest way to start, until you got promoted to level 1.

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A lot of the things people have so far unfortunately don’t really help you nor are they necessary.

To me, marketing your fiverr page outside of fiverr is redundant, since I would just offer my services directly then. Fiverr has a large reach in and of themselves and so I pay them their 20% to take advantage of that reach. Why should I give them 20% for a client I found on my own? I love fiverr, but not that much lol.

Also, things like forum activity don’t matter because buyers don’t go to the forums looking for sellers.

First of all, there really is no substitute for the basics. Doing high quality work, have a clear and professional profile/gig, have extensive experience in your field, and communicate clearly. If you are inexperienced, have an unprofessional profile, or you just don’t go good quality work, there is no amount of arm twisting you can do to bring a large number of buyers to work with you. People simply want a high quality, professional and efficient experience. Everything else is secondary.

I will say this, as a top rated seller who started on this platform 3 years ago thinking TRS was unattainable, even if you are good, the road to success is initially slow. For me, the first 6mo or so I made almost no money, but soon things started to slowly pick up. It takes some time to build up good metrics as well as some luck to get some better placement from the search algorithm, but things will snowball.

All this being said, some of the things you can do to try and get off the starting block is lower your prices as to undercut the main upper segment of the market. The reality is you’re too new which inherently makes people hesitant, regardless of your skill or background. So lowering the price also lowers the risk factor for them. I cringe at the prices I was charging 3years ago, but I still think it was necessary for those first 6mo or so just so I could get over those level 1 and 2 hurdles.

Buyer requests are generally not good places to get orders for reasons I won’t go into in this post, however it’s another way to search for buyers. Many of the buyers there are offer very little money for their requested service, but like I said above, when you’re starting you might be willing to work for almost nothing, just to start building some sales towards level 1.

Other than that just patience and good performance. Remember, good performance also creates repeat buyers. Probably at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my orders are from clients I’ve worked with more than once.

Hope this helps.

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