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  1. If you search here in the Forum for "Unqualified promoted Gigs"you will find a lot of topics about it.
  2. @faceless1 Search here in the forum for "Promoted gig disable" you will saw a lot of topics where you can learn a lot about the experience from others sellers. I saw some sellers that face this situation 6 times until now. This is a common thing happening with all sellers not only with you, when your Promoted Gig are disable your gigs are moved to the last page or worst than that, so there's no problem with your gigs because this affects the entire account. "A seller mentioned that each time she lost the promoted gig, the feature came back after 15 days, others times 30 days, 7 days, 52 days" If this seller faced this 6 times and back to work again, you can expect the your gigs will be back soon. And is the same thing all sellers with perfect statistics facing this, is not about one thing... is about the overall performance in the platform, mainly the Private Customer Survey that the buyers receive after some order is completed, this survey hasmuch more impact in the account. What you can do you already know: Keep doing your great work, get new orders and ratings. Use this time to rest a little, make a study about your market, take a time for your hobbies.
  3. @teamiqbal Hi if all of your gigs are in the last page, there's no problem with your gigs, the point here is that something affected your entire account. Other point is that you mentioned that your Promoted Gig is Unqualified, this is a common thing happening to the sellers so i could say that all time that your Promoted Gig be disable your gigs will be in the last page or worst than this. The reason? Not sure, but is something about the overall statistics of your account, mainly the private customer survey that have much more impact in your profile than the public ratings. The things that you can do, problably you already know: get more orders and delivery the best quality and get better ratings, certainly your gigs will return to better positions when "you receive the notification that your Promoted Gig is available." Sometimes they advice the sellers to make courses in the "Fiverr Learn" where you can get a badget in your profile, but i'm not sure if this will help in something because there's some biggest sellers that never made some of this courses. @freddysaint Not sure about 45 Days, it can be less or more time, will depends of the statistics of each account, but you are right the things usually return back when the Promoted Gig is available again.
  4. I was checking this "manage notifications" feature, and i'm receiving notifications only in the website, not in the App. This is working in the same way for you guys? @newsmike @finndev478 @smashradio As i don't access the website all the time, notifications in the app is much better.
  5. @mariashtelle1 The Review works for both, if a seller make a mistake they will receive a properly negative review. So you can also use that to buyers that make mistake. The review is not a punishment, is a indicative that something need be changing. Giving 5 stars to everyone will not eliminate bad experiences, think about when you verify the buyer profile so see what the others sellers are talking about this Buyer, if you see many bad reviews certinly you will not work with this buyer.
  6. Not necessary you need give a bad review, 4 star is not a bad review, but this will make they think why they not received 5 stars, especially if you writte in the review with the propose of educate them what they did wrong. I also agree is not necessary make a bad review just because the buyer abused of revisions, but is necessary that they learn how the platform works. What i mainly means is you shouldn't give a 5 stars just because the order was completed. Think about when the buyer is happy with your perfect work but they gives you just 4.3 Stars. For some reason they don't liked at all? Or maybe not? The point is if all sellers just GIVE 5 Stars to all Buyers (good or bad experience), the bad buyers never will change their mind and will keep acting against the rules of the platform.
  7. @olyasrThis specific one above is just a example, today i received another buyer requesting a revision just to make a question: "Do you wanna work in the new task in this same order or do you wanna open a new order?" Like is really necessary request a revision to make a question? There's a box of message or the buyer can contact me in the inbox. @lenasemenkova Is really annoying see these kind of buyers requesting a revision for nothing, and even worse requesting revision when they can't request anymore. The main point is that this cases is perfect to write in the revisions, for example mention that the buyer open several revisions with no reasons, so these kind of buyers will learn to be more understandable of how the system works. When a buyer open a revision without details i wait 2-3 days and i send the material again, that means that the buyer will have more 3 days, in total 7 days to analyse the material is more than time enough to check.
  8. In my case, SM give me suggestions to improve, some things i did and others not. I was hoping to receive feedbacks over the time, after the first advices i didn't received more advices. I was thinking if i didn't received more advices this means that i'm going well, maybe not? The features are good, like fast clearance, coupons, analytics, priority support. And most important the SM are humans and they help you much better than the CS, the cs is almost a copy and paste. But i have my doubts about two points: 1- Growth programs priority, no one know how this works as the Seller Plus program is new. 2- All SM act in the same way? They will just come to us just if we get in touch?
  9. Okay you don't need give bad reviews, but the point here is: are you making a properly review? This past month i noticed a few buyers more than normal, requesting revisions without any detail just to manipulated the system and extend the time several times, and never approving the order. - In one case the buyer requested a revision without details, in the next day he came to say that there's nothing to change and that i could approve the order. The question is: how approve an order if the order is in revision state? So i delivered again and the order was automatically completed because the buyer forgot to approve and review. I don't think that this occasions will stop, but this system of revisions should be improved to avoid these cases. So here is the point of make a properly review, a review is also a indicative of your activity, is through that you can learn how to improve. Is the same case when you review the buyer, the sellers need stop giving 5 stars to buyers that act against the Fiverr Rules. You could consider if the buyer is a new user, but there's old buyers making wrong things all time, so giving to then a properly review will teach how the platform works and what they should stop to do. Letting they know about this points will also improve the quality of your work, so don't be afraid or feel guilty for giving a 4, 3, 2, 1 stars, this is how the relation between sellers and buyers will became better 🙂
  10. If they knew what you delivery and changed what they want, is not your fault. So the work was done as described and there's no reason to cancel, you can check with the Support, but about the review they don't will do nothing. Even though i recommend you to add this checkbox is the gig requirements, for they mark and confirm what they will receive. Yes i get a cancelled order and 1 star, but i received the payment back, because i proved that the work was done as described and as accepted by the buyer.
  11. This kind of ""misunderstand"" is really commum, the buyer bought thinking that will receive Y but your gig is written that you will delivery X. And more commum than that is the fact that all buyer just notice this when the work is done, so is clearly that is just a excuse to get refound. One year ago this happen to me, the buyer request to cancel because he was think that i do Y when i do X. I refuse to cancel, so the order was closed and the buyer left a 1 star review just because i refuse to cancel... what happened after? Well the Fiverr Support cancel the order and refund the buyer without contact me. So i was there with no payment of the work and with a 1 star review. But i had all the proof that my work was done as described and as accepted by the buyer, in other case "how a buyer could say that purchased without read"? No make sense. Even that i was right the CS didn't remove the review, but they paid me back 50% of the order. So i recommend you writte everywhere what you do: Write in the Packages, Description, Faq, profile... and the most important place: Create in the Gig Requirements a question with a checkbox, in this question you write that you do X not Y, and in the check box you writte something like: I accept and Understand
  12. The most craziest advice, i don't let the Fiverr open in the browser... why i should do that if i have the App that send alerts for me.
  13. I’m interested in be invited, everyone wanna improve their self… learn more always is a good start to grow up even more in the platform.
  14. Particularly i contact just if the buyer already made many orders with me, then i check about the service that was done and if they need something else. As written in the tos you can contact only about the order or gig.
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