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  1. Could we talk about how Fiverr prioritizes the buyers more than sellers? - Fiverr can manage a complex system Change/edit reviews, but somehow they are unable to fix the problem of revisions. If the buyer agreed with X revisions they must pay for additional revisions and not request unlimited revisions. Otherwise, the add-ons "buy additional revision" is useless. - When Fiverr will stop to penalize the sellers for cancelations and for receiving 1 star review? Even Fiverr Staff say that's impossible to deal with some customers, so why derank the sellers account? At least the seller should not be affected if receive 1 star review or 1 cancelation in a period of 3 months, this is fair thing!!! - Once again I stop the "Promoted Gig", is not just with me but for many sellers: Suddenly when you activate the promotion this brings you a lot of results, but in the next month you get nothing with this feature. I'm not sure how this algorithm works, but for sellers it goes from 100% to 0% from a month to the other. - When Fiverr will remove the response rate on weekends? Can we add a auto-reply for these days? Let's say the true most of the buyers only decide the things on the next week, not on Sunday. Stop to igore Sellers Requests! The Sellers are tired of changes that benefits only one side.
  2. @dutchbydesign I don't know all flows that customers can go to reach you, but I know that some of them can contact you without need visualize your gig. Other ones don't care, they will simply message you expecting you offer what they want; While some of them do not have any idead of how your services works, they just need it done. Today a buyer messaged me and I sent the offer, and after he visualize the offer, the buyer said he uses another system... and I replied: "I thought you read my gig". So I shared a detailed information of the process, how to proceed and what will be the next steps to him acquire he goals. He end up ordering my services after I clarify all process, so is up at you: Just move on or instruct the buyer, maybe you can come to a deal with them and get a new order. My advices could be: - On Auto Reply or first message, make a question for the buyer. Through their answer you will be able to know if they have knowledge about your services or if they didn't read the gig. - When you send an offer, in your messages you can send a quick response again reforcing what you do and what files they will receive (editable files...)
  3. Is the same thing fake users: Buyer and Sellers. All of them should submit ID
  4. The problem is not sellers or buyers, are the humans. You faced an issue with one seller, while we seller face daily issues with many fake buyers (scammers)
  5. How to alleviate the pressure? Fiverr should stop penalizing old sellers as the same way they do with new sellers. Some sellers with +5 years here and thousand of orders are proof of their commitment, but you only need 1 cancelation or 1 star review to impact the entire account. This is why veterans get tired and leave.
  6. @Kesha Is quite difficult to take a day off on Fiverr, everyday we receive messages and we must respond to them. Fiverr should also think in the mental health to avoid burnout, few things that should be done: - Add weekend AUTO-REPLY, something like: I'll be back Monday - Remove order response rate and inbox response rate at the weekends Let's say the true, many buyers do not care about their orders at weekends, they just come back Monday.
  7. Do you still use brief? It never worked here, all times I received wrong briefs from other categories. Never went to a perfect match. While in the other hand all Fiverr Neo messages I got was related to what I offer, and I even got an order from NEO. Brief is a trash, and should be replaced by NEO
  8. ocr space - To extract text from image files Lightshot - take screenshot and add notes Trello - To create the work flow Adobe express - convert images to vector Photopea - Convert Ai, eps to svg format, edit images Wikipedia - To get company's logo in svg format Chat gpt - To change text formatation
  9. I like to use Trello to create the flow of work, sometimes we receive a fast delivery and I need move this one to priority... or even to put together orders with changes to do in the same day. Is also a good way to define a day off. I'm also using chatgpt, to adjust texts, and some dots, comma, to give me text one per line... it's solve the problem to need rewrite in another formatation.
  10. This is much more complex and I don't think they will bring a solution to your problem. Because we have also another problem much more simple to be solved and still there. For example a Gig with 7 days delivery: 01 January - Buyer placed the order 06 January - You made the delivery 09 January - Buyer need approve in 3 days 09 January - Buyer ordered extra gig (+3 days) 10 January - You have 24 hours to delivery, not 3 days In resume: - The extra gig (+3 days) starts to count based in the day the order was placed 01 January - 7 days delivery + 3 days of extra gig, you have until 10 January This mean you have now 24 hours to work in the extra offer, the solution is simple here, just start to count based on the day the extra offer was placed: 09 January + 3 days = 12 January
  11. This year Fiverr implemented many great features. But what I expect in 2024 is Fiverr analyse some of these functions mainly the "Extend Review Time" since is unlimited many buyers are abusing of it to keep the orders pending more than 1 month.
  12. Congrats to reach a new goal!!!! Is important to set new goals to keep growing and be motivated ☝️
  13. I have orders placed 1 month ago, and 2 months ago - The buyers are abusing of this "Unlimited" Extend Review Time - The sellers can not do anything about it, just wait Unlimited Days. For how many times Fiverr will keep ignoring all sellers request about this situation?
  14. What I would like to see most are: - Be able to add a "Saturday-Sunday Auto Reply" to buyer that get in touch on the weekends. - Remove the response rate on the weekends... so we sellers can take a little of break each week. The fact is that most of the customers wait until monday place the orders, many of them don't want to spend their weekends with things related to work.
  15. @levinewman I don't know if this another recommendation make senses, but we sellers are severely penalized when we receive a 1 star review. Even the Fiverr Team knows sometimes is impossible to deal with some customers. We could have some system like if we receive 1 stars review, after 200 consecutives orders all with great 4-5 reviews, this 1 star should not have to much impact, since our past 200 consecutive positives reviews are proof of our journey in delivery a great service. Is just quite strange a Seller give your soul delivering a great service in more than 500 orders and then in a rare case when this seller receive a 1 star review have to much impact in the seller account.
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