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  1. I think it's not such a big problem, and every seller faces it sometimes - gig ranking is a metric that changes all the time, and that's normal. For example, when you go on vacation and temporarily deactivate your account, the metrics will be zero and then increase again. Same here - it's just a matter of time
  2. Sorry for the off-topic comment, but why do you use that weird font in every topic and every post? It's extremely uncomfortable to read
  3. It happens sometimes - CS Team receives probably thousands of requests daily, and sometimes we have to send requests twice, sometimes we have to wait several days - this is normal. The main thing is to clearly describe your problem with the location, and ask a question clearly and briefly
  4. Honestly, I don't think that average selling price can affect impressions and clicks - when did you notice that? If it was in December, it's a natural process - Christmas, New Year - holiday season, everyone is on vacation
  5. When you get any messages containing offers about Email, Telegram, Paypal, anything else - report them right away
  6. Well, that's not really true - staying online will not help you in any way
  7. It's interesting - I believe it's much better to ask CS team, because it's not clear, will they consider stories as s****l exploitation or not
  8. I'm sure it's just a scam. And anyway - don't violate the ToS, don't risk your account for one-time income
  9. You should report them - they violate Fiverr ToS, most likely it's just a scam, so report and block them
  10. But you pay tax on any income, including tips. Why does it bother you that Fiverr takes its portion of the income as well? After all, it's a business - that's what they exist for. And tips - it's income, too
  11. Haha 😆 I didn't think about it - that's exactly what I am going to do next time 🤣
  12. Thank you! I am reading all the posts right now, and still feel so uncomfortable in such situations. Probably it's just something in my head that makes me feel so bad saying "No"
  13. Capybara. Capybara makes me smile ))
  14. Question No.1 Do you want to keep working? Or you will be unavailable? If you will be unavailable - I'm judging by my own experience. Nothing bad will happen. Yes, obviously while you are unavailable, your impressions will drop - they have to drop, because Fiverr doesn't show your profile, your gigs, since you are not working. BUT when you will be back to work, everything will be fixed in just 1-2 days.
  15. Where do you read it? Is it some article, or social media post?
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