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  1. :crazy_face: Yes, it’s not really comfortable for many people, so true introverts should not join Clubhouse probably)) But I already found many interesting chats there and it can be really useful
  2. Your post is 100% not clear, what did you want to tell?
  3. It would be really great! I was looking for some freelancers chat there, but didn’t find anything yet
  4. You already created the same topic 😀
  5. Which problems do you mean? If this request is about something that you can do and you offer here, no problems
  6. If you already delivered, you can’t do this. And I think, the buyer will not pay you after the delivery. The best think is to discuss every single moment BEFORE the order started. Also, the next time, you can deliver one order, and offer to start a new order
  7. Have you found anything interesting for freelancers there?
  8. Thanks a lot! I am already on Clubhouse 😃 Now I understand why it’s not that easy to get an invite - you can invite only 2 people
  9. Yes - exactly. But you need to be online at least 25 hours per day! If less, it will never work 🙂
  10. Please stop giving advices that potentially can break the ToS. And finally read the ToS - looks like you have no idea anything about main Fiverr rules.
  11. If your account was banned, you had a warning and email with the reason why it was banned. If it was banned, creation of a new account is against ToS.
  12. Some people waiting for orders for weeks or even more, especially today, when the competition is incredibly high. Read this category, this may help Fiverr Tips - Fiverr Community Forum
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