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  1. Welcome to Fiverr Family have a Nice journey in Fiverr
  2. you can create your Own Website or Using your Social Media platform , you can create page for your business. There you can find Buyers. Hope you Understand
  3. W-9 fourm is only for USA Residence , if you are USA resident then please fill up your form , otherwise you dont need to fill this form .
  4. please share your gig in social media , twiterr , linkdin , facebook and others platform , the more you share about fiverr to other platform , the more chance you can get order .
  5. you cant do backlink in fiverr . There is no option where you can baclink fiverr to another website , but yes you can do others website backlink to fiverr , it will help you to get more impression , clicks , views and order in future .
  6. if possible try to use short fast video in your gig , so that buyer can understand what you exactly want to provide . try to make video for your gig.
  7. getting order its totally depends how many clients visit your gig everyday , if you contact with 5-7 clients then you must get your first project … its normal . try to active online as much as possible .
  8. maybe you are using some Character or keys which is not legal . maybe you copy and pest your description form word document , and ms word have many symbols that’s not support in fiverr . Hope you understand
  9. Welcome to Fiverr and fiverr communities , Hope you will make better , and sell your gigs
  10. Hi your Compotator get more order , if you just visit their profile then you will notice that , they are worked with fiverr more then 2-3 years or more then that , And They have positive review and more buyer engaged. Fiverr will give priority to those seller who will get more sell .
  11. no problem mam , sometimes its happen , just clear your browser cache and cookies it will be fine …
  12. go to you GIG form the dashboard . on the GIG page you will see all of your gig that you have been created . right side on the gig you can a drop down icon , click on there , you can see on the dropdown there is a option to share your gig on facebbok , twiterr , linkedine etc . Hope this suggestion will help you to boost your sell’s
  13. its totally upto you what types of Images you want to share with your buyers
  14. Maybe its not possible you can try to contact Customer support . for that issue
  15. can You please Check There are Four Color in Inbox massage System , and the purple color is says Follow up . This rules is made by fiverr .
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