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I am a new seller on Fiverr community


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Welcome to the Fiverr platform, the following tips could be very helpful for you as a new seller:

  • Make your gig a specialized/specific service not a general one
  • Enable the “SEO TITLE” field for your gig (if not used already)
  • Choose the right keywords that represent your service (how to: Open fiver as buyer search for a keyword that you think can represent your service, Fiverr will show some suggestions, those suggestions could be the better keywords for your gig)
  • Use the selected keywords in your git title/description and pricing description (but don’t overuse them)
  • In order to improve your gig impressions, try to be online more often, that’s a great opportunity for new sellers to land their gigs on top of others (when a buyer searches with the online filter)
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