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  1. Hello Sir,Suddenly i just got 2 order CANCELLED why this happened i don't know. i didn't got any notice for cancelled why this happened after 80% work is done and cancelled order. this is cheating. please I've done work as per buyers instruction i didn't do anything wrong please check it. This is the tow order ID NumberFO2853299842 and FO81D1976B2C6Thank YouHridoy
  2. please help me i don’t know what to modified i am already write in description that I am doing Instagram marketing so platform is Instagram then what I need to changes please help me We noticed that your Gig do instagram marketing and send dm or direct message needs to be modified to be available in our marketplace. Please make the following changes: Please clarify exactly where and how you are going to do the promotion in your Gig description as it is currently unclear. We ask that you specify the way you will do the promotion and the platforms you will be doing the promotion on.
  3. Hello Dear, Greetings from Me. I’m Hridoy Join At Fiverr Community. Thanks To All.
  4. I am a new seller who creates an account I got an order after one month. I am very happy to complete the first order with five stars. I share this here to encourage the new sellers. please be positive and work hard. I hope you all will get orders. Thanks & Regards, Hridoy
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