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  1. not it is not possible 1 nid for i fiverr account
  2. if you delete that gig the review not going now it is not a problem for 4.9* don’t worry
  3. Congratulation and go ahead and just keep working Best off luck
  4. welcome here and best wishes go ahead
  5. It is right. if you complete all section then it will be green
  6. May be It can be bug. don’t worry and go ahead
  7. welcome the fiverr forum and have a good time all time
  8. Don’t copy paste from others seller. Be postive and use attractive gig image and unique title
  9. Fiverr’s all isseu discuss here and it is the best community i think.
  10. Thanks and welcome to our community. best off luck
  11. You can create a awesome gig with fully attractively like use a wonderfull gig image and use a uniq title
  12. welcome to fiverr community. best off luck and go ahead
  13. Please use attractive image of gig and use a uniq title.
  14. Welcome to the Fiverr. best wishes and go ahead
  15. welcome to fiverr and and go ahead on your service
  16. Don’t worry. As soon as quick response anyone on fiverr then it will be good.
  17. welcome to Forum. and best of luck. and also keep good working
  18. welcome to Forum. Let’s Contribute and go ahead
  19. Client massege you can not delete. So you should be very carefully for all masseage
  20. Try to be active as much as possible. Use fiverr mobile App. Don’t share mail or other details to buyer.
  21. Try to be active as much as possible.Use fiverr mobile App.Don’t share mail or other details to buyer.Read community standards.Well wishes for you.
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