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  1. Bro listen you to do attractive gig image then send buyer request properly also try to do gig marketing.
  2. Its not easy to get order you have to work for this. So work hard and get more and more order.
  3. A new seller can create 7gig on fiverr. So, create your gig properly and stay online and refresh buyer request page after 3/5 mins again and again. When you will see any request that match with your service so send them offer. Regularly you can only able to send 10 offer so do this and get your first order.
  4. Create attractive gig images also use SEO-friendly gig title. Finally, send regularly send 10 buyer requests.
  5. Its not problem send buyer request and improve your gig you will get order.
  6. Everyone wants to be success but task is very hard for complete.
  7. Share you gig with your friends and social media it will help.
  8. Then don’t give revision but if the buyer give you 2/3 start it will be bad for gig.
  9. I complete a order in 16days. Always the buyer wants revision and revision. Then after 16days, he gives me 3start, This is very bad. So don't mention unlimited revision in the gig. 🙂
  10. It happens with me I complete the order in 16days just for this again and again revision. Just remove unlimited revision from the gig or try to satisfy your buyer.
  11. You can send everyday 10 buyer request. Then share your gig on social media i will help you to get first order.
  12. Yeah it will impact on your gig. If you change gig tag the gig will lost the rank.
  13. After the order you can message him or if he doesn’t reply you can go the Fiverr support to cancel the order. It will not affect your gig or anything.
  14. Welcome to the Fiverr forum Community and hope you get success soon.
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