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  1. i get message in which he/she ask me to contact him/her. and later asked to send a custom offer. But after some time his/her account was not responding. here im quoting some part of message: Dearly, I am aging widow who's suffering from coronavirus. I have inherited fund that you'll help me invest in orphanage homes there. Getback to me ________ for more details" i was confused. i dont know what are existing rule to deal this kind of messages. plz tell me
  2. thanks. i am looking for guidelines/ suggestions. i will try my best to improve
  3. i am already facing same problem. few months ago my 3 gigs were appearing on First page. but all of sudden they disappear on very last pages (1000s pages down). i changed my text, arrange SEO optimization etc. Even get help from the expert but all in vain. After that NO impressions, NO clicks and NO order. i m applying buyer requests every day but no result. i am very disappointed .. and thinking to LEAVE. ..
  4. most of sellers just apply by pasting copied material which sometimes even not match with the buyer request. some months ago i was in need of some work so i posted a request but i was very surprised to get see the responses. most of people have applied without reading the content. it seems that they saved few lines of general nature and they post as reply of every buyer request. in my opinion its unfair. this habit must be changed. what is your comments???
  5. hi. i am working here since one year. unfortunately from last few months my gigs disappear from top pages. before my 3 gigs were on first page but they went 1000s pages down, due to which i am not getting impressions, clicks and orders. i am regularly replying BUYER REQUESTS (already about 1000 replies) ... please guide/help me.
  6. Thanks to customers support. they are very cooperative. guide very well.
  7. i faced almost same thing. i guess he was doing outsourcing. he ask me to write a long story. i completed the task as per his instructions. later the ask me for revision so many times. Every time he take long time to reply (then i guess he deliver the order to the real buyer and later get more instructions). after so many revisions, he suddenly cancel the order. i Decline . he cancel 3 time, every time i declined. later he cancelled (i guess he get my work FREE and sell it to the buyer and earn from my hardworking). THEN i contacted to customer support. they are very cooperative, they gave guidelines and instructions.
  8. may be your phone number is not verified. please check it. mostly it happened when phone number is not verified.
  9. thank u very much. but now disappear
  10. thanks for guideline. still i have questions in my mind. May be gigs are de-ranked as per policy or process but i want to know how to settle this issue. plz tell me in easy words
  11. hi. my gigs which were on page One, de-ranked/almost disappeared. after long time wait, i update the content and key words many times but all in vain please tell me what is the main problem and how to settle the issue?
  12. thanks fiverr customers support team. some days ago, i tried to withdraw my available money but mistakenly I clicked on wrong withdraw method, resultant my balance became Zero. later on i requested the fiverr team for help. They guide me to and helped me recover the same. i’m excited. today i get back my money.
  13. i am doing that too. i m getting large number of impressions but still no result.
  14. unfortunately, my all gigs went to bottom pages. before my three gigs were ranking at first page. but now they all went 100 pages down. i make necessary changes, i.e.key words etc. but still no result. in m opinion i could not get any order since last 2,3 months thats why i m facing this. please guide me what to do next?
  15. same thing i m facing since last one month. my all gigs went to bottom pages. before my three gigs were ranking at first page. but now they all went 100 pages down i make necessary changes, i.e.key words etc. but still no result.
  16. my three gigs were ranking at page 1. but since last 2 months i never get any order. now my all gigs disappear from top pages. can anyone guide me what to do?
  17. no problem to change gig but its better to concentrate on your key words and url. it is helpful to rank the gig
  18. same problem again. errors to login
  19. 11 day is very short time. a lot of sellers write that they did not get an order since many months.
  20. For pakistani citizens, income from freelancing is exempt from tax in Pakistan upto 30th June 2025.
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