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External communication for complex requirements discussions/understanding


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I am Software developer and most of my clients ask for a audio/video conversations that is a risk to get ban as per TOS of Fiverr on External Communications. It’s very difficult to write/reading lengthy notes/questions to discuss requirements in detail for complex systems.
Therefore, it makes communications difficult and loose my clients due to the communication gap.

Please share your experience or any tip to effectively discuss requirements without having any issues with TOS of Fiverr.

My questions:

  1. Are there any conditions, in which we can use external audio/video communications channels?
  2. Are we allowed to ask client to record a video to clarify their requirements?
  3. Will that work, if we already mention in the Gig that Audio/video conversations will be required on e.g. Zoom, Google meet etc to clarify/discuss complex requirements?

Thanks in advance!

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I guess you know the rules and reasons for communication on Order page only.

There are some posts on forum that confirm possibility of communication outside of platform but for specific services (like couching, mentoring, etc.) and only after CS approval.

There´s just one right way, clearance or approval from Fiverr´s CS to do that.

Should you have such approval, you may add it as option to your Gig description.

You would also need to clarify recording with CS, I guess they would not allow it in case of dispute.

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