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  1. As far as I understand you cann´t find any that you would be able to deliver, right? What does “good buyer request” exactly mean?
  2. @taazimahmed You may “promote” your Gig(s) using its link here but not your personal website. Remove the link from your post as it might be considered as forum rules violation.
  3. You should hide user name from the screenshots. To be honest, you failed in communication imo.
  4. Being online 24/7 means losing all the freedom. It´s not healthy. This is not what freelancing is about.
  5. The best way is to read TOS and community standards again.
  6. You may want to check out nfl site.
  7. "The forum is primarily English-based simply because the majority of Fiverr users can all communicate in English making it a simple choice for a common language. It is not against the rules to post in other languages, but users should be aware that non-English posts may end up in editorial review for an indefinite period. This is not due to discrimination or problems with any specific language. We do not have moderators who can read every language, therefore we cannot be rapidly certain that posts are in line with the rules. When there isn’t time to use software translation or the translation is too poor to use, the post will be moved to a pending review queue for further examination. Some will be returned to the forum at a later time. We recommend that users consider posting in English. Another idea is to make your post in English and then repeat it in any other language of your choice, making it clear that it is a translation. Be aware that if a user abuses this idea by post an incorrect translation, the user may be subject to warning, temporary suspension, or permanent ban." It's not against the rules but it is recommended to use english in order to keep forum running smoothly.
  8. Replacing “Member” with forum rank would be fine imo.
  9. It might be wiser to invest in computer chips and GPUs rather than solving Fiverr’s SERP and algorithm mystery. 🙂 Deep learning changes the way the algorithm works literally every moment. There is just one goal, making more money.
  10. Out of Seller’s Gig description… Quote “Feel free to contact me before doing any purchase. (Also, if you’re not satisfied with the banner, header or channel art, money back guaranteed ).” This means if Buyer is not happy, they get the money back. End of story.
  11. Yes and they will. No need to bother with capturing and cropping. (Some sick guys might use this method to get live preview videos from Gig gallery…) You can not watermark the delivery file, this would immediately come back with revision request.
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