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  1. Hey, I miss seeing you on the Forum. I just noticed you still visit, however. 

  2. It´s a view where your buyers are located. Placing your mouse over the countries will show you how many orders you received in that country. Consider using search function in Fiverr´s Help or Fiverr´s Forum next time.
  3. @cazzydesigns Are you sure your profile image is yours? I found at least one user with same photo on Fiverr. Not mentioning world wide web. Could 100% money back guarantee potentially mean working for free? Are you ready to take the risk?
  4. You should move your topic to proper forum category “My Fiverr Gigs” if you wish to share your Gig links. Proffesional Social Media Expert should know how to increse brand awareness and sales.🤔
  5. Search forum for word “impression” and read existing topics. You may find the answer.
  6. Go to forum first page and find pinned topic Community Standards and Forum Rules 2021 topic. You’ll find the answer in paragraph 6 and 7. Spend some time with reading and searching before you ask question. Thank you!
  7. You’d need to get invite. For more information 1) Search for Seller Plus FAQs in Fiverr Help. 2) Search for Seller Plus on forum.
  8. Good mood to all and forever!😃
  9. It might be wiser to invest in computer chips and GPUs rather than solving Fiverr’s SERP and algorithm mystery. 🙂 Deep learning changes the way the algorithm works literally every moment. There is just one goal, making more money.
  10. That´s likely correct. The information “New services daily” actually means average daily change of number of services. I found some interesting information there, eg. 25% of proofreading offers come from Pakistan sellers. That´s 5.500 services. I can´t imagine how messy the marketplace could be for buyers sometimes.
  11. This is an update of number of services available on Fiverr. more than 2 Mio services available as of today2.000 new services available daily16% more services available since October 2020Pakistan is top country in terms of number of available services according to seller’s location Categories1578×506 128 KB Top_30_Subs2398×1566 470 KB Services_Available_202103092992×2292 1.16 MBThe post follows up For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share
  12. It could work for people who might not get loan in a bank. :thinking: It would need to be expensive considering the risk. It would be much clearer if terms are available. By the way, there´s ToS update February 2021.
  13. Should you have gotten CS approval, you may want to contact CS and explain to them this case. It’s also possible that you misunderstood what CS wrote you in reply. By the way, why do you need Buyer’s ■■■■■ address for your service?
  14. Big red flag on both sides. Reading ToS, specifically Payment Terms might help to find out the reason for account suspension. There is one, for sure.
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