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  1. Good to see you here. All the best.
  2. Good to see you here. All the best.
  3. Good to see you here. All the best.
  4. Hello, My withdrawal of earnings have been blocked by customer support for the last 5-6 days. And customer support said that it was an issue with an order. And it was a misunderstanding with the buyer so I after I delivered everything as buyer requested, the buyer contacted the customer support and told that we are on good terms. The customer support also said that the buyer got back to them and told that I delivered everything as promised. It was a mere misunderstanding because the buyer was under a lot of stress. Now more than 24 hours have passed even after the buyer has confirmed that everything is delivered in the order, I still cannot withdraw my earnings... I'm waiting for 5-6 days to withdraw my balance but I still cannot do it. I had to join seller plus as well because I didnot get replies from the customer support from the get go for this issue. I need funds for an emergancy situation with my family and this is my hard earned money for the month of april. Im in an awful situation where my payments are being held and im helpless because Im also not getting a response from the customer support. They dont reply to any of the tickets I open. Anyone knows what I should do about this? I have been on fiverr for a long time and this is the first time that I'm experiencing and Unjust situation like this. This is what the customer support said 2 days ago And they have not replied to a single message of mine after this and my withdrawals are still blocked.
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