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Eat, drink, work: What are your go-to desk snacks?


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Just curious if other sellers hoard snacks like squirrels in your desk drawers. :rofl: I have to have a bottle of water and usually something crunchy as I write, it helps me focus. Today, I’m having enough wasabi peas to make my eyes water because it’s a busy day and I’ve gotta clear this queue!

I also love coffee or hot tea with honey and cream, but I generally limit myself to one cup a day, early on, so the caffeine doesn’t keep me up at night.

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I need to drink a lot, so water is always there. Usually I also have 2 cups of coffee and tea (in the evening). I’m in love with a green tea flavoured with orange and ginger.
If I need a snack I’d prefer something sweet, like a piece of chocolate. But I won’t say no to potato chips 🙂

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Let’s see…
Coffee, for sure. Sometimes green tea.
If I am getting closer to getting the gig done, a glass of wine.
I do NOT drink wine while I’m translating of course, but if I am coloring an image,
yes, bring out the wine!

Now for the snacks…oh gosh, where do I start.
When I go to the US every summer I buy huge bags of peanut butter M&Ms and
bring them back to Japan, and munch on those. It’s really hard to monitor the amount
I eat. I’d easily go through a whole bag in…less than 3 days for sure.
It hurts me so much that I couldn’t go to the states this year ( damn you C*VID!),
so no peanut butter M&MS for me. At least not until next year.
The 7 Eleven back here has these amazing almond cookies ( similar to the Russian tea cake), I eat a lot of those as well.
Chocolate corn flakes, those are dangerous as well.
Green pea snacks ( not the wasabi ones, those are a bit too much for me) are good to.

Also winter is coming, and there is a special winter edition chocolate that comes out
every year, one has cognac in it, the other one is filled with rum raisin…

OK I need to stop and get back to work.

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