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  1. it is available for level one and two sellers
  2. Hey, have you tried, PayPal, or even pioneer, you do not need to have linked with your bank before you can use. Kindly reconsider since what you are asking for is something impossible.
  3. Indeed, we are in this together. also facing the same problem and wondering why it is happening. For my opinion, i think we need to be patience and send buyer requests frequently.
  4. Hello, do not loose hope, we are many in this. i have just read here in the forum, that you need to be a professional in sending buyer request. Understand what the buyer want and address them in the right manner.
  5. very informative, have been in fiverr for a couple of months and this info will greatly help when dealing with client. thanks
  6. hello, definitely no. i have been operating 1 account on both laptop and phone for proper monitoring
  7. Hey, definitely, kindly check if you have filled each and every requirements. This will enable you publish the gig. If it persists contact CS
  8. Welcome to fiverr community. feel at home. all you need to do is be patient and success will come your way. Always offer the best you can and this will see you get most orders. Also, frequently send buyer requests on a daily basis and ensure you are grammatically correct.
  9. hey, welcome to fiverr. All you need to know is that you need to be patient. In the meantime such for "how to get orders " here in the forum and you will get an answer. offer quality services and make good use of SEO and will see success coming your way
  10. That’s heart breaking. I would suggest you try communicating with the buyer and let them know you offered as described in your gig. alternatively you can do little changes that are within your capability and avoid order cancellation. All the best.
  11. Welcome to the forum, Fiverr is the best Freelancing website that you can always rely on. All the best in your tasks
  12. You only need to wait till the next evaluation which is june 14. it will happen automatically
  13. Welcome to fiverr. Market your gig well for you to be outstanding.
  14. thanks for the compliment, will rectify my gig description.
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