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Question about Exclusivity of what I do?


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Hi All - I am new to Fiverr and I am a little concerned that my video was rejected by Fiverr because it didn’t contain the words ‘Exclusive on Fiverr’ ?

What I am asking is … If I put an ad on Fiverr to say I can do ‘X’ for $5 does this then legally restrict me from selling my services through my own website and any other method I choose.

I am perfectly happy to use Fiverr to sell for $5 as the marketing and advertising takes care of itself on their website which is very popular - BUT if I market myself there are a lot of costs involved and therefore my product is not sold for 5 dollars and I charge more. I also have a different package structure of support and delivery to justify my additional costs.

So … Am I putting myself at risk by using Fiverr as well as my own methods OR indeed are Fiverr saying I cant do anything if I choose to go on their site ?

Confused ? … can anybody clarify where I stand here ?

thanks 🙂

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Read the Fiverr’s Terms Of Service here, which talks about the legalities you agreed to during sign up: http://fiverr.com/terms_of_service

The “legal stuff” is located the bottom, but I would highly recommend you read the entire terms you don’t get into any trouble or end up in any headaches. It will also eliminate many of the questions you may have now or in the future.

From conversations with Customer Service I myself have had for other reason, Fiverr has no bounds on anything you do outside of THIS site.

Just don’t share or promote your personal contact information outside of Fiverr - that’s not allowed and will get your account shut down. Hope that helps!

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From what I see, you fully qualify under the “exclusively on fiverr” part.

Your talents and services are NOT the thing they want to be exclusive, it is the specific “deal” or gig. You can even offer for 5$ something similar on your site, just not so close that it could be considered the same gig.

Charging considerably more for the same gig on your site, is not considered a conflict either.

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