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Why is my order completion rate always decreasing

Guest seowriter_hub

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Guest hanshuber16


Here’s an illustration + explanation that will help you understand why this is happening:

1273015466_ScreenShot2018-03-19at11_02_52AM.thumb.png.6063e35a5456def6cb8ac3cd23d53516.png OK for once and for all slight_smile look at my ahem beautifull ‘illustration’. The blue ‘1’ on the right is today. We count back to the left to days which have passed. For the example, we assume we delivered 1 order each green day. And on the 2 red days, we have the unfortunate event of a canceled order. Today, there are 2 canceled orders and 15 completed orders. This gives a 15/17=88% If today is 2 days ago (on the day ‘3’), the situation is different. We have 17 completed …

Hope it helps!

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