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  1. In today's webinar, they mentioned that it might show an effect in a couple of days. (I emphasized on "might" above because they also did the same, they didn't/couldn't reveal the specifics)
  2. Unfortunately, whoever has given the suggestion to create another account (after Fiverr disabled the 1st one) has given a totally wrong suggestion. Once an account is disabled by Fiverr, a user is NOT allowed to create another account.
  3. This is not the link for Fiverr Terms of Service, this is a link of a discussion from the Forum itself. I see the above Forum discussion is from 2016-2017. Not sure if the rules were different in 2016-17, as I joined Fiverr in 2019 only. But for sure, it's not allowed anymore. You can create a ticket with Customer Service and see if they can help you in some way.
  4. Interesting. Could you please share the link here where it's written?
  5. Creating a new account is "not" allowed as per Fiverr ToS. Since your 1st account was disabled by Fiverr & you created a new one, hence Fiverr disabled/restricted this one as well. Even later if you create another ID, Fiverr will disable that as well as soon as they are able to track it.
  6. @Lena Hi, is this something that you can get checked and assist please?
  7. @emmaki This is from an email Fiverr sent during Sep. Looking at your scenario, it seems they have changed some rules again, not sure though.
  8. Instead of doing all these, a simple inclusion of a couple of decimal points (say 3 or 4 decimal points) would have made the profiles look more "trustworthy". Then it would look like 4.965 4.890 etc etc instead of showing full 5*
  9. Teaching is a different thing, and doing the homework/assignment task that the student was supposed to complete on their own, and that task done by you will be submitted by the student pretending to be done by him/her - that is totally different thing. It's simple : such assignments are unethical, and not allowed by Fiverr. Sometimes buyers reach out asking to do such homeworks, and they go even to the extent that they are the Dean or Professor of University, and want to cross-check the answers by expert. Such tasks are NOT allowed on Fiverr.
  10. Great thread. @vickiespencer Just noticed this post is in "Seller Plus Premium" category only, moving/posting it outside could help the bigger audience.
  11. Please refer the attached screenshot. On the Fiverr homepage, at the bottom-right you would see this icon. Please click on that icon, and then you would see a button that says "Screen Reader". Toggle that screen reader button off, and that should solve this.
  12. Try this link: https://www.fiverr.com/cp/2023-seller-plus-freelancers?userType=SellerPlus
  13. Hi, All users on the platform (both Buyers & Sellers) are bound by Fiverr Terms of Service. Sellers are anyways not supposed/authorized by Fiverr to use the information received from Buyer for any other purposes. Please refer the screenshot. You may want to take a look at the Fiverr Terms of Service document URL for more details : https://www.fiverr.com/legal-portal/legal-terms/terms-of-service
  14. Hi, you may want to write to Fiverr Customer Support with the relevant details : support@fiverr.com They should be able to guide/assist you appropriately.
  15. The radio-buttons and the check-boxes seems to be messed up as well 😕.
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