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  1. I think this seller “retired” even though his last delivery was 3 months ago. Really sad 😦 I have tried looking into archived messages and other things at “All conversations” but they didn’t help either. Now close this topic and good night! 👋 (lol where is topic even going tho while I was away 😛 )
  2. 😲 Sorry for my Spanglish 🥺 Sometimes, specially when I’m in a rush, my neurons short circuit :frowning_face:
  3. I have not bloqued the seller and vice versaHis account is still there but yes maybe closed by Fiverr (because it does not say “Out of office” which has a different meaning)Topic closed
  4. Hi! Yes I’ve tried that. The seller does not appear when I set it to All Conversations at the dropdown at the left either
  5. As the title suggests the seller does not appear on the left side of my screen at the Inbox-page. This is really weird because in the center of my screen it says “Select a Conversation”. What do I do now? Also I’m new to the forum, I appreciate the help. -Toby
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