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  1. So tired of the "maybes", "coulds", and "mights". Either call it like it is or actually do something that does properly show that you care about our businesses.
  2. I never received an email and have been completely blindsided by a notification on my account. In short, I am expected to offer Competitor Research as part of my Premium package for my game description gig. The system does not seem to care what price I set either. Ridiculous.
  3. Words just can't describe how incredibly interesting the human condition is sometimes. Have you ever encountered something as headscratching as this?
  4. Thanks for the chuckle! Here's to a better year 🙂
  5. I saw that on a recent order I placed and had the same thoughts. Satisfaction guarantee sounds like something from the 90s and has a bit "the customer is always right" undertones. One key thing I will be doing in preparation for this is adjusting my revision/cancellation policy and adding a mandatory "I accept the revision policy/cancellation policy" question to my order forms.
  6. Of course we do 🙂 If 41 years of existence has taught me anything, is that we humans will always find reasons to pass things we need to do to others. No matter how much easier technology makes our lives, we'll always find one reason or another to say "I can't be bothered". I had a person literally say to me "what, I have to login first?" Even with AI, people will need to polish what the bots produce. What I plan to do is adapt to this new revolution. I will use the AI to help save me time, get the tedious stuff out of the way. At the end of the day, the question I ask myself is this: do I just want to deliver something or do I want to deliver a piece of work that I put myself into? Until the AI can go into my brain (Sun forbid!), learn my thoughts and style and write it exactly as I would have, I'm going to still be needed by those who value what they put on their website. Let the cheapskates go to the $5 sellers who'll just copy-paste what the AI spits out.
  7. Writer here and I'm not concerned...yet. I made an attempt at using ChatGPT to write some content for my own website and I discovered an interesting limitation; it stated that it didn't have access to the internet so it could not give me information that is current. Say I wanted to write a news article, it straight up wouldn't do it because it can't. Also, the content it writes can feel pretty stale and lack style, at least in its current form. If you are just trying to make an SEO article that aims to get google snippets, then maybe it can give you exactly what you need. However, if you want your content to have personality that engages its readers, then you won't get a good raw output. What it can help with, though, is structuring the content and giving you the facts and information. All you need to do is then add style and make it read better. It's like ordering a block of granite and then chiselling away until you turn it into a statue of Aphrodite. I also took a stab at using it to write code and I have to say that I was impressed with what it did, but again, I need to put in some time to make what I need. A regular person with no coding knowledge or experience won't be able to produce something without putting a significant amount of time. In terms of my work as a freelancer, I am not that worried yet. Its performance is impressive and far ahead of what I imagined. But it still needs a fair bit of training before it can truly make unique and engaging content. What @markp said about it replacing Google is a thought I had as well. It's definitely something we should all be keeping an eye on.
  8. That is indeed an ingenious way of using Fiverr's interface 🙂 I have a question, though. Have you checked what it looks like on both mobile and the website version of the UI? It seems some part of it gets omitted when someone orders via the phone app so I'm just wondering if the "Starts at $10" part is visible.
  9. I have found the best way to handle orders that are not within your gig's scope is to do the following: Contact the buyer and state the order is outside of the gig's scope Request a cancellation and wait for buyer to accept Reach out to support, explain the order was outside of scope and politely request to remove the cancellation from your stats It helps if you also have a statement in your gig description and FAQs that clearly shows what isn't inside the scope of your gig. For example, I clearly state I do not write about gambling and online casinos.
  10. That's rough. Sorry that happened to you. This site has tons of issues with their system I'm just accepting at this point that my percentages are never going to be 100% across the board. Someone messaged me to write about their crypto/blockchain game and before I even knew the message was there, they also placed an order. In my haste to get it cancelled because I don't write about blockchain, silly me didn't respond to their inbox message and used the order chat instead. Lo and behold, response rate is now 98%. Like, I'm not going to message them in both places for the same thing. How merciful of Fiverr to give us a whole 24 hours 😄 Kidding aside, it is common practice in business and work circles to wait a bit longer than that. We do have lives outside of this platform and they don't even exclude weekends from this system.
  11. I just don't get how this is ultimately different from BRs, apart from being more irritating giving that it's now a notification. I turned them back on when someone posted they had finally gotten some work out of a Brief. After several irrelevant and spammy ones, I finally got one that fit my service but never got a reply from the Buyer. Now, I have turned them off again. It just feels too much like a "let's toss this on the wall and see if it will stick" type of feature at this point.
  12. I need to point out that the term "build" in the context of a website is a very broad term. I can "build" you a website in less than 30 minutes by installing wordpress, tacking on a free theme and making a super basic homepage. Maybe that's what they're selling for $5. Does the client want more than that? Why, hello addons!
  13. Thanks for confirming Frank. I took the less aggro approach just in case 🙂
  14. Sorry, for some reason this reads as though it's coming from Fiverr staff. Could be misleading if you are not.
  15. Like others have said, I think you are doing fine. Yeah, the system does take your performance into account but you can't expect 5-star ratings across the board. The ratings aren't there just to determine your position in the search rankings. They're also there for you to learn. If you can honestly analyze what led your buyers to rate you the way they did and honestly pinpoint what you can improve (and don't ever assume you don't need to improve), then you can answer the question "what do I do?"
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