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  1. It's funny but the order still says delivery is tomorrow, even though it's now done and they had marked it as late. But I think even though there is a bug that I still delivered within 2 hours so it won't affect my stats, hopefully!
  2. That was odd. It suddenly went to "late" when I still had a day and a half! Fortunately, I had the document ready to go. But this is of concern for everyone else when Fiverr suddenly takes two days away from your orders and they could possibly be late!
  3. Yesterday I received an email from Fiverr that my order delivery is coming up. I don't mind the reminders for under 12 hours, but for this particular order I had 48 hours still left to deliver. Definitely a bug! I double-checked my order but it's fine.
  4. 27,000 completed orders, 28 cancelled. That’s actually not as bad as I thought. Most of the cancellations were from scammers who still posted their work to their blogs or sites. FCS doesn’t care. I do my best to screen out any potential scammers now.
  5. Yes, I’ve noticed that too. I’m also greatly puzzled when I have 1000s of reviews and only a $10 writing gig when others with the $10 gigs and only a few reviews have ten orders in their queues. I’m guessing they’re paying for advertising.
  6. I agree. I’ve lost a lot of sales since 2019, but it was already going downhill around late 2018, not just a Covid issue. I get tons of scammers and spammers too, but I manage to deflect most of them. A sure sign is when they ask for “samples” or ask for a “discount” or don’t read my gig at all.
  7. It’s happened to me about 40 times. Last year was the worst, as I lost a $400 order. I only accept small orders now. I really wish Fiverr would do something about this.
  8. Same thing has happened to me now. I usually don’t get any messages and only a few orders here. Must be a glitch. I’m not worried about it, but I do believe it’s happening to others too.
  9. I’m saying no to more buyers too. I no longer accept projects over $50, though most buyers here can’t afford that anyway.
  10. You might never get an order. I just shut down my t-shirt shop after a year of failure. Try and find something else to do that will be more successful.
  11. I’ve posted in my main writing gig that I only work directly with small business owners. I find that there are more middle-people scammers, or that their client has issues with my work and their client will demand a refund. In other words, don’t work with middle-people.
  12. When I first started 7 years ago, maybe 1 out of 10. Then it went up to 8 out of 10 in 2019, when I got tons of work, high-paying projects, and great clients. Last year was bad, so 1 out of 10. Work has picked up this year, so maybe 3 out of 10.
  13. I can understand your frustration, but I’ve earned a fair income on this site, whereas the other sites without service fees or low fees have earned me little. So, I’d rather pay the fees and actually get work than have nothing at all.
  14. Sounds like a scammer. I had the exact thing happen to me. I didn’t even bother waiting for the “Can you please work on my order while we sort out the payment problem?” Um, no, go away!
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