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Found 7 results

  1. A couple of weeks back I was talking with @vickieito, and shared my frustration at the Briefs feature on Fiverr. I kept getting "matches" that had nothing to do with the services I provide. I had about decided the thing just didn't work effectively enough to bring in work. She mentioned she had the same issue when she first started using it. What she tried was just to keep receiving matches, and when it wasn't a good fit, make sure to check the response "This is not a service I provide." She said after a while, the AI in the matching process began to learn what she offered, and she began to get more accurate matches. She said she now gets more and more good matches. I began to do the same. I had to be patient, because the "not such a great fit" briefs continued for a while. Today, I got a brief that was a service I provided, and sent off a Custom Offer. I think it's beginning to work. You go, AI!
  2. Can anyone please explain what is get briefs and what amount to set? Thank you
  3. I received this brief today. Is this a new form of spam? Or possibly a new seller who has not read TOS and does not know how Fiverr works?
  4. Nothing beats work waiting for you right in your inbox. And it’s coming to yours with our new feature replacing Buyer Request. How does it work? Buyers submit briefs based on a set of specific questions Our algorithm does its magic and sorts through thousands of skills and sellers Sellers get briefs sent straight to them and communicate with buyers to decide if they want to bid Buyers consider sellers bids and make their pick Ready to meet your match? More on matching: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4415601609361-Brief--Match-Finding-you-buyers?segment=seller
  5. - They post a budget and delivery time that may actually sound realistic 😉 (yes, it happens that real buyers do that, but not all too often; this point is written half as a joke, for people who aren't beginners, yet read this topic, and it's very possible that you find a BR with a realistic sounding budget and delivery time that is not by a "fake buyer". However, I see realistic seeming or even "unnaturally high" (for here) budgets often as part of the tactic of scammers, and if one of the following points also applies, watch out! And even if none of the following points applies, it pains me to tell you, such BRs will often lead to one of those points applying once they contact you in your message box after you sent an offer. It's sad how many scammers are out there to get you. Try to not be scammed!) - They make claims that are supposed to make you think they are a big agency/company but - ask you to contact them off-Fiverr (not allowed anyway!!!!! Even if a "non-fake buyer"!!!!! Read the ToS!!!!!) ... especially on a gmail or telegram or similar contact address. An actual agency/company that "covers North America’s complete corporate ... needs from our offices in ..., ..., ..., and our project management centre in ..." doesn't operate on basis of a Gmail or telegram address - trust me, it's a scam - blabber about something like a "guarantee levy fee which is refundable if you meet up our project or jobs" - trust me, it's a scam - can't decide how to spell their own fake name, ask you, for example, to "contact: Frederic Doe", but give the email as federicdoe123 @ gmail.com (sure, typos happen, but come on, big agency that covers North America's complete corporate needs..., and, again, they do not use such email addresses) *The quoted bits above are taken from an actual BR I saw today (indlucing the name/gmail thing, in general, I just changed the name and numbers in the gmail address, yep, there even were numbers...), I didn't make that up, as hard as that may be to believe for some of you (unless you regularly scroll BRs, I guess...). To the others: Don't be fooled at least by such obvious scams! Unfortunately, even some BRs like that, with gmail address and all, somehow manage to pass the BR gates, and there's no report function in BR, so caring fellow sellers who see through such things right away, can't "save you" by reporting such BRs and "taking them off the market" quickly. You need to save yourselves. Read Fiverr's terms to not do anything that might cost you your account and/or get you scammed, like replying to someone via Gmail or telegram instead via Fiverr, and think before you act. Don't fall victim to people who unscrupulously prey on the naive and desperate. Read the signs.
  6. What is get "BRIEFS" and how does it work?
  7. I was editing my gigs, when I noticed this new feature, at the top of my gigs page: Has anyone else seen it? If this is what I think it is, it's going to be a great tool for sellers who want to increase their rates and find better clients. This is the tool that shows potential buyers the "I'm not getting out of bed for lesss than X Dollars." (at least that's how I look at it) Looks promising, need to ask around and see how this will be presented on the client side of things. What do you think?
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