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  1. I'm also from EU and I'm documenting my income by issuing invoices to Fiverr International Ltd company details. Fiverr doesn't have to receive them (at least by my country's laws). I'm a VAT payer, but in Poland, it's not necessary for invoice issuing.
  2. One more thing... While the impressions / clicks drop might be caused by your score change, they might be just as well unrelated. 7 days is a very short period and slower months concerning a whole industry is nothing unusual. Another cause might be the Fiverr algorithm working on intervals. I noticed that there are weeks when I'm flooded with requests and that's followed by complete inbox inactivity (regardless if the requests lead to orders or not and my score is constant). I'm guessing that the algorithm is dividing the impressions / leads pool among sellers by showing their gigs more for specific periods and giving them chances alternately.
  3. The algorithm that matches gigs with buyers in their search results looks into the individual gig scores and decides what to show. So yes, buyers don't see your Success Score, but how your gigs are rated affects your impressions. In some form, the system worked like that before. The difference now is that we can see how Fiverr's AI and private reviews score us. We won't know that.
  4. AI analyzes our behavior, interactions, and communication style, then assigns data markers rating every little thing. The algorithm puts us in the data brackets and compares, then matches with (also analyzed) buyers in their search results. All these data patterns and segmentation are used for behavioral profiling. If there are enough Success Score data markers tied to the seller's profile, then this data stack could be specific enough to be considered as a digital fingerprint. The data from one profile probably wouldn't be enough for cracking the algorithm and reverse engineering, but I imagine that Fiverr would argue under the angle of the occurrence of trade secrets violation. We shouldn't know how exactly the algorithm works, but we should have access to the list of (at least those) negatively flagged interactions / messages. It would be fair and transparent (even if available only behind the SP paywall), but won't happen because things would get ugly, starting from paralyzing Customer Support by appeal / clarification requests.
  5. Oh yeah, the classic subscription-based service launch move - promise lifetime 50% off and then do a terms update.
  6. For those without SP - what's the Seller Plus controversy?
  7. I know and I'm following your topic. I don't as well, I just have an elephant memory (which can be a blessing and a curse). I would say that with the new level / scoring system everything is in a continuous transition period. By design (keeping everyone on their toes, over a cliff, every second of every day) and due to incompetent product release. I, myself not getting used to anything. The stars' comeback included.
  8. I'm expecting them to deflect and send incomplete data or some vague summary as other companies do. Sending another one, a more thorough request sometimes does the trick, but specific legal wording addressing specific parts of data is required. Knowing Fiverr it would be a dozen back-and-forth before getting some results and / or a long waiting time. I don't have time and energy for this hide-and-seek but maybe someone with relevant legal experience will forge the path to getting some insights into gig scores / metrics data.
  9. Has anyone from the EU tried to request a copy of their seller data based on the GDPR directive? Before and / or after the new levels system launched?
  10. But we don't know if / how the ORDER AGE matters for the SS. The ⭐️ Rating and Success Score metrics can approach the interpretation of data differently.
  11. Again - the 2-year window concerns the Rating score (stars), not the Sucess Score: So the 2-year-old public and private reviews go into ⭐️ Rating. We were never informed about the time scope for the Success Score. I think that there is a very widely spread misinformation and / or misinterpretation among the sellers in this forum regarding this. This score, that score. This rating, that rating.
  12. The 2-year window concerns the Rating score (stars), not the Sucess Score. But yes, we'll never know how this is all interconnected in the black box. For my SS change, I'm betting either an effect of the scores being dependent on other sellers' performance or "fine-tuning" the algo by Fiverr's product team.
  13. I would assume that this is an effect of the scores being dependent on other sellers' performance but it might be "fine-tuning" by Fiverr's product team as well.
  14. My SS went 1 up recently, but I haven't had any new orders / reviews since January.
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