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  1. Exactly! And that's what's so annoying. This “strong negative impact” appeared a few days ago. I only had 3 orders this month (all without conflict). I don't know why it appeared and Fiverr can't tell me. The rating of this gig is 4.97. I'm TRS, Pro (without having asked to be part of it) and very often Fiverr Choice, but maybe with their way of calculating I'll end up at level 0 in a few days. Who knows? Not me, not you, not Fiverr, because they can't explain where this “strong negative impact” comes from. The only thing they can do is tell me to avoid cancellations and refer me to their success score explanation pages. I haven't had any real cancellations on this gig since 2018. Do you really think I need to read their blabla pages 10 times? I get the feeling that when you do a good job, Fiverr is still looking for a way to punish you by digging into what you did wrong 6 years ago.
  2. Last message from CS: "Canceled order in 2018 probably do not have a strong impact on your stats but please bear in mind that we are not able to confirm this." 😱
  3. I asked CS today and they said: I checked your orders and those orders do not affect your Order Completion Rate. This therefore means that the one which affects my score is that of 2018. However, a few days ago I had no negative impact for this key area! Either their calculation is completely screwed up, or it includes something other than cancellations.
  4. What's incredible and makes no sense at all is that this "strong negative impact" has only just appeared. This key area has been neither "room for growth" nor "negative impact" since the launch of the success score. And all of a sudden, without any logic, they start : - considering that a cancellation in 2018 weighs more heavily than the hundreds of orders finalized on this gig - counting cancellations "with no effect on our stats" as cancellations that must penalize us. Thanks for the big slap in the face!
  5. Hello, I just saw that I have a "strong negative impact" for "order cancellations" on one of my gigs, even though I've only had 3 cancellations in 7 years out of nearly 400 orders. Here are the details of the cancellations: January 2024: The client cancelled the order via the resolution center, stating "I was too fast with ordering" before submitting their requirements. On the order page, Fiverr wrote, "The cancellation will not affect any of your seller statistics as XXXXX cancelled the order before sending their requirements." January 2021: The order was cancelled by Customer Support because the client didn't submit their requirements and was contacting me via 2 different accounts. Fiverr wrote to me: "The order FOXXXXX has been canceled and left out of your Order Completion Rate." February 2018: I cancelled the order because the client had only paid for one product, but had asked me to work on 4 products. The two most recent cancellations do not count in my statistics. There's no doubt since it's Fiverr who wrote it! This means that it's only ONE cancellation, which occurred 6 YEARS AGO, that is causing a strong negative impact. You can't imagine how disgusted I am to see this kind of nonsense!
  6. I just noticed that Airbnb also uses the X.XX format. It's not new. A friend who rents an apartment on Airbnb confirmed to me that it already existed in 2020. I still think it helps to differentiate between the various offers. However, those with lower ratings would prefer 4.9!
  7. There's an interesting page here: https://docs.enterprise.fiverr.com/en/ They mention Stoke in several places. What is Stoke? https://freelancer-platform.stoketalent.com/ Here you can use the search function to find a list of numerous freelance platforms. https://freelancer-platform.stoketalent.com/ Looks like Fiverr has come up with a fitting response to all those who said they wanted to leave Fiverr! Clicking on About at the bottom of the page takes you to Fiverr Enterprise. It just seems so weird. If anyone understands anything, please explain.
  8. I also received this e-mail and didn't understand a thing. Level 1, level 2, TRS, Business, Pro... Enterprise! Next step: King of the world🤴
  9. https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010560118-Fiverr-s-new-level-system
  10. About a year and a half or two years ago, I received a message from someone claiming to be from Fiverr. They asked me to send over a presentation outlining my services and experience for social media promotion. It didn't quite seem like a scam, but the situation wasn't very clear. There was no concrete evidence proving they were a staff member, nor was there anything definitively signaling a scam, but I had doubts. I received 2 or 3 follow-up emails. I didn't respond. I never found out if they were really from Fiverr. If indeed they were part of the staff, it's proof that there's an issue in how they can be authenticated within the messaging system!
  11. I have no idea whatsoever about the rules regarding the use of the word "Fiverr" in usernames, but if it's prohibited, it's not difficult to identify them. No need for AI or a team of engineers to create code. I managed to do it in 3 seconds. Just click here: https://www.fiverr.com/search/users?query=fiverr&page=1&offset=0 There are 6 pages of them! If the use of the word Fiverr is not prohibited, it's a serious mistake, both in terms of security and brand image. Fiverr's legal and marketing or communication services know this better than we do...
  12. It shouldn't be difficult, but...
  13. A few screenshots of the video. I don't understand how Andrew can have over 1000 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 with so many 3-star ratings 🤣
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